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What is your *must have* mama item?

The mama is the queen of multitasking.  On most days, I work at home.  My most favorite multi-tasking mama *must-have* item is....  my bluetooth.  On a day with lots of calls, I can easily bang through my four loads of laundry.  Or, when the kids are tucked in, sometimes I like to catch up with friends far and near on the phone while sweeping, washing the floor, making lunches.

There may be lots of things in your bag, but what is the one item that simplifies your busy mama life?


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A more just and sustainable world!

World peace!

This is a hard question to answer.... I think I'd have to say coffee! As long as I get to have my one, sometimes two, cups of coffee in the morning, I am a happier and more patient mama :)

You have world peace in your diaper bag?! LOL!
I'm convinced that a smart phone of some sort would be the perfect multi-tasking tool and should be on the registry at Babies R Us. But I don't have one yet, so what do I know? I am at a loss without my dayplanner and a pen. :)

Exercise. Once I've had some alone, exercise time (usually early, early in the morning) I feel at ease and peace the rest of the day taking care of family and house.

Nothing that comes in a bag is a "must have" but my daily after-lunch 15-minute nap? That is a MUST HAVE! :)

Gotta say my android smart phone, I actually spend way less time on my laptop at home now, because I can catch up on emails while doing all the waiting around inherent in having school age children involved in activities. And I instantly enter things in my calendar as I make appointments. I don't have to write it down and then put it on my calendar when I get home. It is also a restaurant entertainer for my 3 year old and "lets look that up" question answerer for my 6 y/o. Also a lifesaver when 3 y/o has a fever and falls asleep on your chest and of course you don't want to put him down because you're thinking "this may be the last time he ever falls asleep on my chest, and he is soo sweet and warm", but you really need to get something done.

I have to agree, coffee. Though, the list and pen is a very close second. I have even noticed my 1.5 year old walking around the house with a crayon and list pad and she can say coffee so those two things must be my must have's.

A morning jog... even 20 minutes puts me in a better space for the whole day.


snack for my 5 yr old. seriously. i can nurse the toddler, i can grab a coffee/cope with water/go without. but, a crabby hungry kindergartner? oh god, no. feed 'im, and i can feel my shoulders drop & relax.

Exercise. Clears my mind and allows me to be the best mama that I can be. Coffee helps, too.

I second the snack for my kiddos...especially those small boxes of raisins. Keeps them busy for atleast 15 min. Oh...and my Ipod!

Yoga and coffee, I know they don't go together but right now I need it!

coffee in the morning, my smartphone during the day, an adult beverage in the evening, and a book before bed = sanity with four kids and a full time job.

"baby" wipes. I haven't seen a true "purse" size offering, but I make do with the resealable refills.

Jean, you can buy them in "purse" size. I remember buying them in a size less than half of regular wipe. I think they were called pacifier wipes. (for cleaning pacifiers, I assume). They seemed expensive, but they were just my backup to have in my purse if I forget to refill the diaper bag.

Knitting or some kind of small creative project. It makes me feel like I accomplished something. Sure, raising a kid is a creative project on its own, but who ever feels "finished" with that?

boobs, diapers and community...

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