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urbanMamas Post – Spring 2011 Running Edition

As you have read on these pages there are some mamas in our community that love to run. So here are some running realted updates and events for the running mamas.

First, the urbanMamas Runners facebook page has transitioned to Run Mama Run. So come on over and ‘Like’ Run Mama Run. We post information on weekly runs, local running events, questions for mama runners, links to articles and products we think running mamas will find interesting or useful, and more. We added Heather Hardin Helmy of Eat Well NW as one of our content providers. She has been giving us great advice on hydration and nutrition, for mamas and families.

Run Like a Mother (now known as Another Mother Runner) is celebrating their First Anniversary. Join the fun.

Event Details
Saturday, April 9 - RLAMiversary Run!
Start at 9:30 at RiverPlace Athletic Club. Run 5k or 5 miles, return to the gym for the chance to win prizes, grab a great goodie bag, get a mini-massage, and meet other mother runners. Strollers, single friends, new runners, one and all welcome. Check it out and RSVP for the event on RLAM: the Book Event Facebook Page or on the blog.

Don’t forget about Run Mama Run event on Mother’s Day, a fundraiser for Adoption Mosaic.
Finally, let’s have some snacks and drinks and talk about running and motherhood.

What: Run Mama Run Happy Hour
Date:  Saturday, April 30
Time: 5:00 - ?
Location: Produce Row Café
204 SE Oak Street  
Please RSVP in the comments or on Run Mama Run 

Happy Running.


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Mama Runners: Want to make a huge difference in a young girl’s life?

Be a Girls on the Run Running Buddy. It’s an easy yet fulfilling commitment. A female Running Buddy is paired with a GOTR participant during the practice 5K run/walk and again at the final 5k Starlight Run. Running Buddies encourage her girl to do her best, whether it's walking, running or a combination a both. The girls love the special one-on-one attention and look up to their Buddies. Two short time commitments, yet the rewards are vast. The practice 5K will be held April 28th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm and the Starlight Run will take place on June 4th at 7:30 pm and end at approximately 9:30 pm.

Girls on the Run of Portland Metro is a life-changing, character development program for 3rd - 5th grade girls in the Portland Metro area. GOTR uses exercise, positive reinforcement, and encouraging role models to provide girls with the confidence they need in those critical pre-teen years.


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