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Seeking Hindi or Gujarati Lessons

An urbanMama recently emailed:

We are a NE family consisting of a cultural mutt (me) and a wonderful  half English/half Indian (my husband).  We embrace all aspects of our combined heritage but identify closely with the Indian side of the family.  However, my husband was never taught his father's language of Gujarati or the national language of Hindi growing up.  I am a strong believer in 2nd language education for kids from a very early age and I would very much like my children to have the chance to learn either Hindi or Gujarati (or both).  I even went so far to take a year of Hindi myself to try to learn enough to speak a little to them - that didn't last long.  I'm wondering if anyone in the urbanMamas community is aware of a school, a tutor, an organization - anything that offers these languages specifically for kids.  I would even conisder a nanny/household helper that spoke so that we could all be immersed in the language from time to time. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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I met a woman at last summer's India Festival who had a booth there; she offered Hindi lessons specifically. I had picked up her brochure (my spouse is East Indian-Canadian background, and I've always had interest in learning more Hindi myself). I quickly forgot about it, but a Google search found her:


If her class doesn't work out for you I recommend going to India Fest later this summer and maybe there will be another booth vendor there offering similar services. I'm sure there are other instructors in the area offering similar lessons. Also, you may even find a flyer for a personal/in-home tutor at one of the Indian grocery stories in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area. I know I've seen a bulletin board at one of them in Beaverton (sorry, I don't remember the name at the moment.)

I'm sorry I don't have anything to suggest, but if you do find something, I'd be really interested. I'm Gujarati (married to a white man), but my speaking ability is very poor (I can understand, and oddly, I know how to read and write it) and at best I can pass on to my kids a sort of "parlor trick Gujarati" ("look! my grandson can count to 10! he can say 'I'm hungry!' in Gujarati; isn't that cute?"). Not that useful, sadly. I'm also in NE. (By the way, are you EJ married to KJ? This is KCS. It would be funny if you were.) If you do find anything promising (or would just like to compare notes on Indian/Gujarati resources in Portland), I'd so appreciate a call out to me at kshah@alum.berkeley.edu. Thanks!

you might inquire at the local college international studies or, at PSU the IELP or TESOL programs...others as well. These programs tend to be aware of resources and usually have access to targeted listserves.

I doTeach hindi in NW Portland. If you like you can e-mail me at radhika underscore patrol at yahoo.com

I am out of the town right now and trying to post this by my phone which is quite challenging for me.

Here is my email again-
Rani dot patrik at gmail dot com

I am interested as well. I know Rachel, the woman who teaches http://www.hindistudies.com/index.htm is very good, but I think focuses on adults. My husband is Indian (Punjabi) but speaks mainly Hindi. We are trying to have our daughter pick up as much as possible but she is far from fluent. I would also be interested in meeting up with some of you just to chat, maybe find a tutor and get a small class going for our little ones? Feel free to email me jennifer dot rana at gmail dot com.

Hi everyone- thanks so much for the ideas! Yes, Rachel at saraswati language school (hindistudies.com) is great! She is who I took lessons from for a year. I met a lot of cool people and had a good experience with her however she only teaches adults.

I will check the local colleges and language programs as well as contacting Rani. Certainly with all of this Metro Portland desi community we can find something! Or at least begin gathering together for some if the Hindu/Indian festivals and celebrations!

I'll post again when I find something!

Hey Mamas,
I am a regular on UrbanMamas and love this community.
To get to the point, my mom who is currently visiting us is a qualified Hindi teacher, teaching at a very well known school in India, with 25 plus years of school teaching experience-from elementary to high school level (she is on leave to help us as we just had our second daughter! Mom is here till June) She would love to teach/tutor Hindi-reading, writing, conversation, whatever the requirement.
We live in NE, Alberta Arts area. You can email me at

Just to add to my previous post, my mom has the same years of experience in private tutoring as well.

I am very interested in these postings. My husband is Indian and my husband's mom lives here in Portland and she speaks Hindi and Marwari . My husband also speaks Marwari and understands Hindi. We would like to meet others interested in practicing speaking the Indian language with children and interested in sharing Indian culture. We live in the SE, Mt Tabor area.

Wow! It is so great to be connected to so many people like us! I'm thinking of setting up a little meeting for everyone interested in language as well as Indian Culture for their families. I have a few other friends who are interested as well and it seems we could all start something pretty cool. I have some of the email addresses above and will send out a separate email to those folks. If you didn't post your email address and want to be included send me a message at engravlin@yahoo.com


I'm Gujarati and hubs is Caucasian and I've been looking for something similar for my 16-month old. While I can speak it fluently, I've been searching for others in the area that can also speak it to keep up the practice. Since moving to Portland a few years ago, I've found that the Beaverton/Hillsboro area seems to have the largest concentration of Asian Indians that speak a variety of dialects. Haven't found a consistent group that speaks gujarati though.

I too am looking for Malayalam or Hindi classes for my children.
I realize Malayalam tutors will be hard to find. I think Hindi altho' I am not fluent in it , is perhaps my next best bet and perhaps more useful for my children.
I would love to find an after school programme in Portland that teaches kids Hindi twice a week for an hour. My son is 6.
We should all get together and chat about this... and see if we can collectively come up with something that is consistent. I am sure we can find a venue, if we have the right tutor available. If you are interested to collaborate efforts in teaching our kids Hindi/Indian languages please contact me below.

In lieu of that, are there any hindi/malayalam tutors who are willing to pick up my son from school at 3p twice a week, teach him Hindi at our home for a couple of hours, and general-ed till 6p, when I return from work?

If so please contact me at sairawm@gmail.com

Dear all:

I am Suresh from Chennai,India. I teach Hindi on line. I was brought up in Bihar for 30+ years. I served a NGO for 31 years. Tamil is my mother tongue.

My 149 lessons in Hindi have been published in www.Ispeakhindi.com. You may find me in www.youtube.com. The id is sskay56.

Please contact,if intereted.


cell:91 0 9840643690

Hi Ladies,

I am happy to introduce myself in context of Gujarati Learning.

I am located in Germantown , MD. But I do provide lessons for Gujarati learning on SKYPE i.e. Online chatting and it is woring really well.

If anyone interested please contact me on my email id : mdratna@yahoo.com.


Wow, I can't believe I am so late to this discussion. I'm in NE Portland, Concordia area. My kids are 5 and 3.5, and I would LOVE to find a way for them to learn Hindi! I know a bit (I'm Indo-Canadian), but I want to get better also. I'd like to be in on any further discussions, and will see if I can contribute some ideas.

Good Day,

this is atul shah aged 65 from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India please call up

971.205.2411,/+1 5036429136, Mr George Chummar,

7792 SW 174TH Place| PO Box 7207 | Beaverton, OR 97007-7207 | USA
Tel. 971.205.2411 | Fax 503.214.8337 | 1866.544.9419
& request him to call up India URGENTLY ON +91 9898809898


Good Day,

this is atul shah aged 65 from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India please call up

971.205.2411,/+1 5036429136, Mr George Chummar,

7792 SW 174TH Place| PO Box 7207 | Beaverton, OR 97007-7207 | USA
Tel. 971.205.2411 | Fax 503.214.8337 | 1866.544.9419
& request him to call up India URGENTLY ON +91 9898809898


Great article ...Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next post.

Wow, this post is wonderful. I am American and my Husband is Gujarati but I am interested in my children learning Hindi. I am so sad that I don't live in the Portland. I need someone in Ohio. I am guessing these things can mostly be word of mouth among the Indian communities. And we are mix race couples we might be out of that loop.

Hi, I am Nasreen, From India, I have studied in India and just recently i have visited portland, I would like to learn about America and give Indian culture and class to your beautiful children. I know several language. Hindi, Nepali, Urdu,and Mithla.Currently i live in NE 81 st Ave.
My phone no is 5035452303.


Wanted to quickly let you know about my website -- www.HindiByReena.com, which teaches kids Hindi. I have been teaching Hindi for 6+ years and recently put up my classes online. Classes are $50 for the first 5 classes and will teach your child basic & conversational Hindi.

My goal is to make Hindi learning fun for your child, so I include songs, activities and enjoyable homework.

Hope you like it!

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