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Seeking Consignment Stores: for Older Kid Clothing

We have some pretty decent suggestions on consignment shops throughout town, but - in my experience - most consignment stores have more robust selections for the under 5 set.  What about for older kids?  Even pre-tweens?

My daughter, now 10.5, is looking for a consignment or resale shop where she can bring in her unused items and exchange them for things she likes.  She explicitly asked me to ask the urbanMamas community for suggestions on where she might find success for the older-kid sizes.  Any tips?


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It is not in portland, but vancouver, www.shopspankys.com it is by my mom's house, and I was really suprised by the selection and quality of the clothing they have, becuase, like you, most of the consignment shops I have gone into are either for younger kids, or adults, like buffalo exchange or redlight.

I don't have an answer but this is a great post - I'd love to know about resale shops with clothes for older kids, say 9 and up!

Second to None in Hillsdale (near Food Front Coop). I ALWAYS find great items there for my 7 year old. They do have a lot of baby-toddler stuff, but also go up to 14.

I hate to be a brand-name dropper, but Plato's Closet is all about consigning brand name clothes. I have seen some really cute stuff for decent prices in there, including shoes. http://www.platoscloset.com/locations/list/OR

I think Bella Stella has a store for older kids, but I'm not sure. Their little kids store is great, so I'd check into it.

I used to shop at a place in Vancouver called Once Upon a Child. At the time I was shopping for little kids, but they seemed to have a good big kid selection as well. Not sure how it is now.

I'm always pleasantly surprised by the good selection of clothes for older kids (up to size 16) at Just 4 Kids in Hollywood. I've gotten great stuff there for my boys (oldest is 11). And there's a lot more in the girls section. I've been consigning there for years and they are friendly and easy to work with.

Once she gets into Junior's sizes, Plato's Closet or Buffalo Exchange.

I'm a huge fan of value village. There's one in Tigard on 99, and also in SE on 82nd (also one in Vancouver). The place is like a department store and the clothes are organized by size and color.

Beezoo Exchange in NW Portlannd carries up to size 14y. They are always buying and expanding. They also carry some new clothes from Europe at excellent prices. I like the dude who own the shop - looks like he could have work at Buffalo Exchange - and the store on itself doesn't feel like a thrift.

If you are interested in a one time (well 2x/year) deal the Twice Around the Block sale has children's clothing up to size 14. At the last sale there was a great selection of older girls clothing and Sunday many items are 1/2 off. You can get details at www.twicearoundtheblocksale.com The next sale is next week starting Friday, April 8 at 10am.

I'm not sure where you can bring those clothes in, but I'm pretty sure if you get your clothes wholesale you're in for a lot of savings.

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