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How to help: planning for meals & care

Have meal-trains become more and more popular or has our community just become more tight? Perhaps a bit of both.  When my last child was born about 1.5 years ago, I was absolutely floored by the generousity of friends, life with a newborn and the gift of meals was so abundant!  

There are quite a few babies entering our lives soon and there are also families in help due to serious health conditions.  I have come across several different tools to help plan out meals: MealBaby seems to be popular, but there is also Lots of Helping Hands (which can also help with coordinating care), Take Them A Meal, and MealTrain.  Which meal train websites have you used?  Which do you like and why?


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My synagogue uses Lots of Helping Hands. It's pretty easy to use.

I just this minute signed up to bring meals to two families using two different systems (carecalendar and mealbaby), and last week set up a meal train for a friend at work on takethemameal.com. Apart from different looking interfaces, I can't really notice much of a difference b/t them. Each one shows who's bringing food and what they are bringing (the latter esp. important to avoid getting 8 lasagnes). I kind of like takethemameal b/c it's not password protected. You just click on the link and you're there. But perhaps I'm overlooking some reason why you might need a secure site for these things.
I think they're awesome overall! They weren't around when we had babies and we ate a LOT of takeout then...

"There are quite a few babies entering our lives soon and there are also families in help due to serious health conditions." That is true. If I were you, I'd buy insurance for my newborn. It always helps to be insured.

I agree with you there. Another benefit of insuring a baby is that you don't have to worry about pre-existing conditions jeopardizing your chances of getting a good insurance plan.

As what Whitney Houston's song says, "I believe the children are our future", it is indeed right to say that Children (babies) are our future thus we need to pamper them with the right and the best TLC that no other things can give.

Newborn babies have special needs, which is why it is important for mothers to learn what meals to serve their little ones. Investing in these classes or recipe books may do the trick.

At SignUpGenius.com you can upload your own image to your meal sign up.

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