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Valentine's Day: What does it mean to you?

For me, as a child, it was a day when my mom got a dozen roses from my dad.  It was also a time when my mom would have to run out at the last minute and pick up a set of cards from the drug store, and I'd stay up late addressing them.  Maybe sometimes she would actually do some for me.

In our household, we craft homemade Valentine's Cards for every family member in the house, plus a few more for a handful of the kids' cousins and family friends afar.  Then, on the day itself, for the past three years, we have been going out to a special dinner, all of us.  We swap cards, wear all the red and pink we can fit onto our bodies, and we drink out of fancy stemware (the kids love that part).  Two years ago, we took the kids out and handed them a Valentine that told them that they'd each be big sisters ... a wonderful Valentine's Day memory.  I feel like we have successfully crafted Valentine's Day traditions for our family that we love, look forward to, and will remember forever.

Do you do anything special for Valentine's Day?  To be sure, there are lots of businesses out there that would love to know!  Our email box has been swamped since early January with suggestions of Valentine's Day eats, treats, gifts, and more.  Have plans?  Or maybe it will be just another manic Monday?

(blast from the past: "Oh Valentine" and "Happy heart day, mamas!")


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I like this post. I haven't tried to do anything special with my son yet, but I may. I remember my mom would surprise us with a big heart cookie in the morning or some little sweet gift.

Also, I just want to put a plug in for Loaves and Fishes Meals on Wheels - Valentine-A-Gram.


It is a great gift for a hubby, co-worker,yourself, etc. and the proceeds all go to Loaves and Fishes for helping provide meals to seniors.

Valentines day is the sweetest day for me! My daughter was born on Valentines day, it was and is the best day of the year for me. We still do try to keep the days separate though, we usually celebrate her birthday on the weekend closest to "V" day, and actually celebrate V day on the day itself.

We make cool home made cards for close relatives, and sometimes we make heart shaped sugar cookies and frost them with pink frosting YUM!! We pass regular Valentines cards to friends, as it is too time consuming to make all of them home made.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

It is a big weekend in our house as Valentine's Day was my husband and I's first date and our son was born on 2/13. So we celebrate both. Semi-homemade cards for friends and family and valentine's decorations. Husband has the presents down to a perfect science for me - tulips in a planter we can plant in the yard, champagne and 4 moonstruck dark chocolates. I get the kiddo a few candies, a card and a little something. Usually get hubby a book and card. Dinner is our favorite dinner at that time (this year would be crockpot lasagna), or a "snacky dinner" with the champagne (bubbly juice for the kiddo) and chocolates. I like the family dinner out idea too, but since also bday weekend and a week night, might be too much for all of us!

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