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urbanMama Lunch: Thursday, March 3

Join other working mamas for lunch and conversation. Hope to see you there.

 Date:    Thursday, March 3rd

Time:    12:30

Where:  DragonFish Café 909 SW Park Avenue (in the Paramount Hotel)   

Check out the menu before you go.  

Please RSVP in the comments by Tuesday, March 1. See you then.



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I'll be thre and make the reservation.

Be there! Happy hour is awesome at Dragonfish, hint hint :)

Looking forward to it!

Count me in. I recently relocated to Oregon and I'm looking forward to meeting fellow working moms!

I haven't been to a working mom's lunch yet but I'm looking forward to going!

Count me in please, haven't been since I went back to work!

Hi there- brand newbie here. I'd love to come and "connect." Bento lunch box here I come!

Yep- I'm in! Looking forward to re-connecting!

Another newbie who would love to attend!

And yet another newbie. I'll be there too.

Have just re-located (back) to Portland, and looking forward to connecting with other moms.

I'll be there!

Reservation under Courtney. Dragonfish says: 18% tip added for parties of 6 or more and no split checks please. See you Thursday.

I just saw this post and would love to come if I can still sneak in past the deadline! If not, I'll keep an eye out for the next lunch.

@Cynthea - come on down. Usually someone can't come and we can always add a chair if needed.

I was hoping to attend the lunch as well. I'm a newbie. Let me know! :)

So bummed I just saw this. Next time!

Courtney, Thank you for planning the UrbanMamas Lunch! It was great!

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