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This year is MY year

Last year, my third child turned one.  The days of nursing multiple times a night, managing a baby-turned-toddler, tending to needs of the older children, managing a household, pursuing a career: the year came to a screeching halt, and I wanted nothing more than for it all to end.  It was all too much.  It got to the point where I was feeling physically sick, anxious, depressed at times.

I looked forward to spending the last week of 2010 at home, regrouping, having quiet moments just our family, working on little projects that have been sitting on the back-burning for the past year(s).  That plan was foiled when the blizzard of 2010 kept us out east for an extra five days, bringing us home at 1am on New Year's Eve.

I have had a day or two to settle in and to think: "what do I want to accomplish this year?"  I realize that I never did achieve any of my goals for last year, the top two of which were: 

  • to finish reading a book
  • to master a piano piece
While I had plenty of accomplishments last year, I did not do these two things I set out to do.  I just had no time ... for myself.

Well, this is the Year of the Rabbit, and I was born in the Year of the Rabbit.  It is my year, and I am embracing myself this year.  Above all else, this year, I want to refocus attention on me, set aside time for myself, for my needs and hobbies and interests.  I have friends with book groups, getaway weekends with girlfriends, regular mama nights out.  I want to do the same!  I need it!  I deserve it.

This year, what do you set out to do?  Did you have goals for yourself last year?  Did you meet them, or were they left unmet?

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I love your positive attitude and your willingness to seize what you deserve! My goal this year is to unplug more around my son and be truly present for him. Hard to do when you run your own business, but so worth it in the long-run, I have come to believe.

I haven't thought it through but I have at least two: to run another marathon and to be more active professionally.

I want to connect with people more often. My youngest just turned 18 months, and I feel like I am finally at a point where I *might* have the ability to go out with friends more often than a couple times a year. I am debating about whether to go onto Facebook. I have so many friends across the country on Facebook who I would like to talk to more often. At the same time, I have real concerns about privacy issues. So, I am still debating that one. I would also like to participate in more fun runs. I always enjoy it when I do them. But last year I only did one (I was one of the 30k or more who did the Shamrock). Anyone have any suggestions for other fun runs that are really, really fun?

@SJ there is an urbanMama running group that meets every Saturday AM for 5-6 miles -we think it is fun! If you join FB we have a page (UrbanMama Runners) or you can email umamarunnes@gmail.com and get on the email list. I have found FB a great way to connect with not just friends from afar (or the past), but local folks (preschool parents, kindergarten parents, new friends, etc. |), as well as fan sites such as Run Like a Mother, PDX Kids Calendar, etc.

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