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Announcing: the urbanMamas community section

Late last year, we worked long and hard to update the site, snazz it up a little and make it easier to manage.  As always, we welcome your feedback.  It's an improvement, to be sure, but it's not perfect.

Now, we are pleased to announce another new little doodad, the urbanMamas community.  We want this to serve as a real forum section, where there can be a more fluid conversation with one another. Thank you to all of you who are already using it!  This will be an area less moderated than our main site.   And, the urbanMamas community section is intended to replace the uM childcare forum and the uM exchange.  We'll be archiving those forums shortly and rendering them inactive.

Take it for a spin, let us know what you think.


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You all are incredible. Thank you for everything you do for us mamas. This site continues to be such an inspiration, a comfort and resource for me, and so many other parents out there. Thank you from all of us.

Great! I checked it out and I think I will like it. One comment, can you make it so the newest posts are on top? I was looking at the events and it could be a bit of a scroll to get to the current stuff.... Thanks for all your hard work!!!

I liked it better the way it used to be. It was much easier to get around on the site before. Sorry to be a bummer.

Another THANK YOU! :-) But yes, will the new postings be at the top?

My suggestion would be to keep the childcare forum as is for preschools, day cares and nannies to post listings, but have the childcare section in the community pages be for folks looking for suggestions, references or swaps between parents.

I also agree with ema. I looked at it and it felt like all it was was advertising for preschools....

I agree with ema and blank. The advertising currently in the childcare forum definitely serves a need, but I get the impression that you want the community pages to be more of a "parent to parent" thing. I like the idea of keeping it to references, swaps, etc.

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