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Counseling Advice?

This should be a happy time of the year, but unfortunately tragedy can strike at any time. A reader emailed to us recently:

"A friend of the family recently lost his mother, and is having a had time dealing with the pain.  Although he has lots of support from family and friends, understandably the pain is still affecting him on a day to day basis.  It might be helpful for him to talk with a professional who can help him work through his grieving, and I was hoping the UrbanMamas community would be able to share some suggestions on counselors or therapists for him to contact."

Any suggestions?


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Teresa Weis of Insights Outside is fabulous. I am sure she could help him. More info on her site: http://www.insightsoutside.com/

Dr. Jay Johnson at Western Psychological on BH Highway near Jesuit has been a huge blessing to us and members of our extended family. The reception staff could use some improvement recently, but Dr. Jay is a wonderful psychologist. westernpsych.com/directory/practitioner_detail.php?id=34

I am a counselor at the M.E.T.A. Counseling Clinic. We offer affordable counseling sessions for individuals, couples, families and groups. Our fees are $35 per one hour session and $45 per 90 minute session for couples and families. Our therapeutic approach is mindfulness and experiential-based and inclusive of the mind/body connection. We are accepting new clients and offer a free 30-minute initial consultation. To find out more about the clinic, our counselors and our unique therapeutic approach, you can visit our website: www.meta-clinic.com or call (503) 450-9999 to leave a confidential voicemail for one of our counselors to call you back. We are centrally located in SE Portland near Sandy and Burnside.
Warm Regards,

I am a therapist in private practice in NE Portland at 21st and Broadway. I believe strongly that grieving is work that is greatly helped with additional support above and beyond the love that friends and family offer. My website is: www.LionTreeCounseling.com and my contact number is 503-985-6344. I offer a free 30 minute consultation, and am also able to help with referrals if I am not the right fit.
Meg Jeske, M.A.

Please consider Dougy Center. My husband passed away this past summer (July 2010) and I was left with not only my own grief but questions about how to help our two children (12 and 2). The dougy center has been a wonderful, healing place for all of us. Best to you.

Please consider Beth Bogdon portlandcounselor.org she is very helpful.

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