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Adopt-A-Family Recap: Thank You!

IMAG0266 Many thanks to the urbanMama who spearheaded and coordinated the adopt-a-family for us this year. It was a nice gesture to help make a difference for a family this holiday season.  We enjoyed gathering at Urban Grind to wrap presents and to meet a few more of you in person.  The picture is of all of the donated wrapped gifts in her living room; and the following is a note from her:

Hope that your holidays are going well!  Me, my daughter, another uM, and her son all delivered the gifts a few days before Xmas.  The family was so grateful and the 5 year old was very excited about all of the gifts!  :-)  I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to work with the uM community and am beyond touched regarding their generosity with offers of their time, transportation, and donations.  It would be great if you guys could give a little update thanking everyone for their support and let them know that we suceeded in providing everything on their humble wish list.  

We hope that you are enjoying your holidays as well! What you have done to make a small or big difference in someone's life? We'd love to hear your ideas to see what things we can do next year.


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