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2010 Holiday Adopt-A-Family: Can you help?

An urbanMama contacted us recently on helping to coordinate adopting a family this year. She has done all the legwork and now we need your help with donations.  It is a tough year for many, but every little bit counts! If you'd like to donate, please mention what item(s) you would like to contribute and we will cross it off the list.

We are adopting a family through Family Assistance Foundation, is a stand alone 501(c)(3) organization, which is not affiliated with any religious organization, etc.  The families are all nominated by organizations, such as housing authorities, Clackamas and Multnomah County Developmental Disabilities, Head Start, etc.  They do not accept self-nominated families.

 Head Start nominated this family of 4 and according to their case worker, they have "virtually nothing."  The mother is not working, but is attending school part-time.  Currently, the father is only working part-time.  They are in need of household items and are appreciative of anything that they will receive.

 *** Note:  Second hand items in good condition are welcome. ***

Family Holiday Meal Grocery Gift Cards:  approx. $50 more worth of grocery gift cards - Safeway is their nearest grocery store, but any would work.  (Family Assistance Foundation asks that donors donate grocery gift cards for the family's holiday meal, in case they have some traditional food items that they serve at holiday meals.)

Note:  Donated food items are also much appreciated in addition to the grocery gift cards.  (Safeway giftcard - Mary ($20) Michele)

Family Wish List:

  • Pots and pan set (DONE, Trina)
  • silverware (DONE)
  • queen sheet set (DONE, Jen and Aimee)
  • towels (DONE, Sylvia and Melissa)
  • desk/small table and chair for the 5 year old to do homework

Mother's Wish List (Name - Ana) 

  • watch (DONE, Kelly)
  • purse (DONE, Mary)
  • makeup (DONE, Joan)
  • Coat size - L (DONE, Sharai)
  • Pants size - 11 (DONE, Sharai)
  • Shirt size - L (DONE, Sharai)
  • Pajama size - L (DONE, Susie)
  • Shoe size - 7

Father's Wish List (Name - Rick) -

  • wallet (DONE, Kelly)
  • belt
  • knife set
  • Coat size - XL
  • Pant size - 36X30 (DONE, Jen and Heather)
  • Jeans - 36X30
  • Shirt size - XL (DONE, Jen)
  • Pajama size - XL (DONE, Susie)
  • Shoe size - 9 1/2

1st Child's Wish List (Name - Eric.  Male.  Age - 5) -

  • games (in Spanish)
  • games (in English)
  • blocks (Done, Anna)
  • cars (DONE, Trina)
  • Coat size - 7 (DONE, Sylvia)
  • Pant size - 7 (DONE, Rhonda)
  • Shirt size - 7 (DONE, Rhonda)
  • Pajama size - 7 (DONE, Susie)
  • Shoe size - 13 1/2(DONE, Sara)

2nd Child's Wish List (Name - Adrian.  Male.  Age - approx. 9 months)

  • learning toys (Done, Anna)
  • soft books (in Spanish)(DONE, Sharai)
  • soft books (in English) (DONE, Sharai)
  • Coat size - 12 months (DONE, Sylvia)
  • Pants size - 12 months (DONE, Rhonda)
  • Shirt size - 12 months (DONE, Rhonda)
  • Shoe size - 5 1/2 (infant sizing) (DONE, Sara)


I keep on forgetting to request help with transporting the gifts. I have a 4 door car, but won't have enough room to transport all of the gifts in it, especially with my daughter in the car with me.  I also need someone to help transport gifts to the family on Thursday in SE Portland (around SE 82nd) sometime b/w the hours of 11:30-1:30.

Donation Gathering/Gift Wrapping Event:  Urban Grind NE has generously donated after hours time in order for a drop off and/or gift wrap gathering.  It is on Tues, Dec. 21st starting around 5 pm and ending around 6 pm.  (urbanMamas will pick up the tab for pastries and refreshements.)  Donated items can either be gift wrapped before drop off or during our gathering.  We will provide gift wrapping supplies, but please bring extra supplies (gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, tape, etc.) if you are able.

If you are unable to drop off your gifts during this event, please contact me in order to arrange a drop off date/time at my house in close-in North Portland.  I can accept donations until the 22nd. Tax donation forms will provided.


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Please also let the family (and the Foundation) know about the Community Warehouse, which is a wonderful resource for household items for people in need. The link is http://communitywarehouse.org/
and if there is a case manager through the foundation, that person should contact the Warehouse on their behalf.

should we say here what we plan to provide so that there's not a duplication of efforts, or will duplicates find another welcome home?

So glad you posted this. I have two tubs of 12 month clothes that are in great shape! I will save them for this.

I'm happy to donate pjs for mom, dad, and kids.

Thanks for the opportunity.

I'd like to donate a purse for mom and a Safeway giftcard. Thanks for arranging this.

I've updated the post to reflect the contributions thus far.

V - Did you want me to add you name next to Adrian's pants & shirts?

urbanMamas will pick up the tab for coffee and pastries that all that come to help gift wrap! If you'd like to donate your time to giftwrap; I'm sure it'll be much appreciated.

I'll do the pots and pans and a few cars for the 5 year old. I knew UrbanMamas was a great community but it is really wonderful how you are harnessing it to do this great thing!

I'll take care of coat and shoes for Adrian.

Thank you for doing this. The working mama's group at the City of Portland (cityMamas) has done this for the last three years. This year and last we were able to do two families and now have another group helping. I might try to stop by the wrapping party.

We'll bring wooden blocks for the 5 year old and a wooden walker/learning toy (http://www.amazon.com/Unknown-PM9991-Around-Block-Walker/dp/B00009XZTK ) for the little one.

Hi- I will get the father's pants, shirt, and a queen sheet set. I will need to drop off the donations because I won't be able to make it to the Tuesday event. Can we make arrangements for a drop off over the weekend? Jennifer

I don't know why my reply didn't post this afternoon. I bought sheets today. Is it too late?

Hi, noted the coat for Adrian is spoken for. I'll focus on the shoes and also will pick up some pants and shirts for Adrian. I also have some baby books in spanish (gently used).

Vita, apologies for the multiple posts. I took care of Adrian and Eric's shoes today. See you Tues. Sara

As a Providence employee, I received a Safeway gift certificate that expires Jan. 11, 2011. If they are in need of a frozen turkey, spiral ham, boneless ham, or veggie or fruit platter for the holidays, please let me know as I can't use this and would hate for it to go to waste.

I work in a library and have lots of donated new books, including some Spanish. I'll bring them by on Tuesday.

We have a dark wood desk we could give, but no good way to transport it--anyone have a pickup/truck? It's a regular sized desk, approx 39" W x 24" D x 30" H, with 4 drawers down one side. It's in good shape though the drawer pulls are outdated. If the family would like it I guess we'll just have to work out logistics (you wouldn't want it dropped off at UGrind, I imagine...).

Put me down for Ana's watch and Rick's wallet.

I will contribute make up for Ana, the mother.

Vita--it is a gift card specifically for one of the items mentioned. I am happy to bring it by if you think it is of use.

Are you still in need of pants and shirts for Adrian? I have some very nice gently used baby clothes that I would be happy to give. Also, please put me down for a shirt and a pair of pants for Eric.

Vita, I can gather some size L clothes for mom. I know I have a lighter jacket and some shirts. Can probably find a pair of size 12 pants I've been holding on to, thinking I'd fit into them again some day.

Hi Vita! I will be at the gift wrapping event at Urban Grind and can help you transport things to your house at 6 pm.

I have a mini-van & nothing scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday. I'm kind of new in town (only 4 months), but if you give me an address I can GPS it. Let me know!

I'll take care of the men's XL coat too, I feel bad the dad isn't getting much!

Vita - sorry for the late notice but I will bring XL coats for the father. See you later today!

I'll bring a Fred Meyer gift card that can be used for shoes or knife set or groceries or whatever they need/want :)

@ Peace - The mother has been called into work for a few hours on Thursday. Are you free to meet at my place around 1:30, so we could load up and be there 2ish? The other option would be that evening, but if so, I'd like to do it after traffic hours.


TRANSPORTATION HELP MAY BE NEEDED: Given the time change for the delivery of presents, I may need an alternate driver if the new time doesn't work out for the current person. Do you have any free time on Thurs from approx. 1:30-3:00 or evening after traffic hours? Please let me know! Thx!

Thursday afternoon would be fine. I got the dad's XL coat today & wrapped it already. My e-mail is peaceful@savetz.com to give address for Thursday afternoon.

Thank YOU Vita, for organizing this and getting everything to the family. Wish I could've stopped by tonight, but had family in town and a sick kiddo, so sending the Freddy's gift card with Shetha was the best I could do :)

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