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Thanksgiving is a great time to play!

In our household, once the bird is in the oven, we like to head out of the house, bike around the neighborhood with no particular destination, maybe drop in on neighbors and say "hello!" or throw a football around in front of the house.  By the time dinnertime rolls around (around 5 or even 6 at our household), we've worked up a healthy appetite.

An urbanPapa recently emailed, seeking your suggestions for activities on Thursday:

As a dad, my main task on Thanksgiving is to get the kids out of the house for as long as possible.  That can be challenging on a day that always seems rainy where most things are closed.  Have you ever done a post specifically around kid-friendly things to do on Thanksgiving Day?

Some things I’ve done in the past:

    • Bowling (not all alleys are open, but some are)
    • Movies
    • A hike (weather permitting)



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The zoo is open and no fights in the parking lot over spots...just bundle up this year!

Chinese food. Hike. Movies. That about nails it. We usually listen to Alice's Restaurant as a family.

As SMx said, the zoo is open - they're having a special Thanksgiving themed "Beast Feast." They are also having a turkey trot in the morning. The Lloyd Center ice rink has a Thanksgiving skate. And it looks like the Oaks Bottom rink is open from 7 - 9:30. I haven't been able to find much else going on, though. LOTS going on Friday-Sunday.

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