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What's the best neighborhood for trick or treatin'?

With our kids a bit older now, they are looking for adventure.  We love to trick or treat in our own neighborhood, get the chance to see and visit with neighbors.  Our of our kids, though, has asked if we could celebrate Halloween in another neighborhood, maybe where all the houses, almost uniformly, are decked out to the nines, complete with zombies that awaken as you approach the door or with a gaggle of witches sitting on the porch, stirring a pot of their homemade brew.  We're looking for an area that has great spirit, that is friendly and safe (of course), and that has lots of kids and families sauntering about.  Do you have a recommendation?  What would you consider to be the "best neighborhood" for trick or treating?


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The N. Fowler/Washburne streets between Lombard and Willamette are great. We discovered it last year and can't wait to go back again.

kennedy school! it's always cold out but warm in there. lots of cool people, and cute little kiddos running around. when they're young enough, they don't even pay attention to the candy-- plus grown-ups can indulge in yummy cocktails and food. :)

The Marylhurst neighborhood in LO. Several families really put on a show. And sometimes They hand out whole candy bars (if you're into that)!

Reed College Place.

Fairview Village in Fairview. A co-worker lives there. In years past, he's handed out over 30 bags of candy. 30!!!

Portsmouth between Lombard and Willamette. They really deck out the houses, and it's Halloween old school style. There are two in particular that scare even me!

2010 new arrivals!

Alameda. East side of NE 15th and South side of Knott (in that pocket of Irvington) has great houses too.

Amy - I would've never thought to go to Kennedy School (or any "place" really). I love that idea, especially since this year Halloween is on Sunday and my kids don't actually get to eat what they collect (food sensitivities).

Thanks for sharing.

I second the Kennedy School as a great idea. I have a 1 year old and are looking for other places and events that are good for children her age either on Halloween or the weekends before. Other suggestions?

I think handing out Uggs is a great idea for Halloween! Thanks for the great spam...er...idea cheap ugg!

We also always enjoy hitting the Kennedy School, although I must admit it has gotten a WEE bit crowded in recent years.

Some other places: I had a friend who went to the University of Portland dorms when her son was little. Other colleges may do that too? Multnomah Village in SW Portland has a store to store event on Sunday the 31st from 2-4. Some malls also have store to store events. I also saw that Cafe au Play is having a Monster Mash on the 30th. Lots of the community centers also have activities (crafts, games, events) the weekend of and weekend before.

Concordia University (in NE) has an annual Halloween Party in their student center with games and snacks, and tricker treating through the halls of the dorms. The college students really get into it, decorating their doors and dressing up. It's warm and dry, and the kids get to see a lot more other kids in costume than they would walking around the neighborhood.

Trick OR Treating, silly!

lea's suggestion is great: Portsmouth between Lombard and Willamette... and you can hit the U of P dorms too! (and it's our neighborhood!)

and to add to that, one of the Portsmouth familiesputs on an amazing, elaborate haunted house as a Food Bank donation event.

How about your own neighborhood? You can get to know your neighbors and continue to build community. That's what I like best about taking my kids out that night.

"Concordia University (in NE) has an annual Halloween Party in their student center with games and snacks, and tricker treating through the halls of the dorms." - posted by Sharai

What? Have I been sleeping under a rock? We are at CU all the time visiting their library but this is news to me! Thanks for the tip!

Tony, they always give flyers to Faubion students, but I don't know that I would have heard about it otherwise.

I think we've gone for the past 3 or 4 years. Good fun!

We used to love going to Ladd's Addition in SE - beautiful homes with families that really "do up" the season, tall spooky trees, and a diamond-shaped layout that guarantees you'll get lost. We had a ton of fun scaring ourselves for a few years there!

I completely agree with 'mom down the street' and building community in your neighborhood--great comment!

Second to Reed College Place for those in SE; come early though!

We went to Kennedy School a couple years ago, early-ish (4? maybe) it was still light out and a beautiful night and the place was PACKED. So hard to navigate with 2 kids and one baby and everyone got way over stimulated. Love the place, love the idea, but very cramped. If it's raining out that day, I think the place will burst.

"How about your own neighborhood? You can get to know your neighbors and continue to build community. That's what I like best about taking my kids out that night."

"Mom down the street" above had it right, IMO! I was just talking to another mom about this aspect of Halloween the other night. Neither one of us as kids drove to another neighborhood for trick-or-treating...it was unheard of! Part of the whole experience was meeting new neighbors, saying hi to old neighbors, and general community building and community pride. I don't really get it.

As for the Kennedy School thing, we went last year with my one-and-a-half year-old, and it was kind of fun but mostly overwhelming. And, yes, definitely PACKED! I was surprised to see parents with pints full of beer and still trying to wrangle their kids and containers filled with treats (and, with some families multiple kids). I think it was pretty overwhelming for us last year and while I like the safe "contained" kind of space, not sure we we want to go back quite yet. It might be different if our daughter was older though.

Downtown Oregon City on Friday the 29th from 4:30 to 6:30. All the businesses have decorations and hand out treats. Also, The Monster March on Sunday the 31st starting At Llewelyn school at 3 p.m. LOADS OF FUN!!

The Village Free School is hosting a healthy, vegan-friendly, and fantastically fun Halloween carnival for kids and families in outer SE Portland. 

The event will take place on Friday, October 29th from 6:00 – 9:00pm at The Village Free School.

There will be 25 cent carnival games, lots of prizes, healthy yummy treats, scary and not-so-scary movies, and did I mention games?  Lets just say it is the place to be.

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