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Reminder: The Mother PAC launch party is Friday 10.15

Mother-PAC-Logo Election season is upon us, so the time is right to talk politics.  Mom politics.  So join The Mother PAC, and its many mama supporters, to celebrate its launch right into the thick of Oregon politics - exactly where we need them!  

You'll hear from Moms Rising co-founder and Executive Director Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner (she's the keynote speaker), meet other local moms interested in family-friendly public and workplace policies, and - of course - support The Mother PAC. 

What, exactly, is The Mother PAC? 

Good question. It's a good old-fashioned political action committee - with a few key distinctions: it was started by mothers, is run by mothers, and is all. about. mothers.  It's a "grassroots PAC," meaning that donors aren't political heavyweights, but rather families (like mine) who are tired enough of the (dysfunctional) status quo to step up and do something about it.

Here's their mamagenda (I like it):

Our goal is to build an Oregon where today’s families can thrive. To do this, we need more pro-family elected officials. So we’re pooling our resources – and yours! – to elect key pro-family candidates who will champion the strong, family-friendly public policies Oregon families need.

What The Mother PAC envisions, is a place like this (maternal nirvana, or what?):

* Paid family leave and paid sick days are available to all – so we can care for ourselves and our families without losing our jobs.

* Parents can find part-time work and on-the-job flexibility – so it’s possible to care for our families without forfeiting our careers or financial stability.

* Child care is affordable, high-quality, and readily available to everyone who needs it.

* Children can attend a strong public education system that prepares them well for the future and is adequately and sustainably funded.

* Children’s environment, food, toys, and other products are not toxic to their health.

* Health insurance is not tied to our jobs.

* Every Oregon family, however it is configured, is treated equally.

If you think this is a vision worth fighting for, get a ticket for the launch party (buy online and bring a friend free!) and be a part of the solution.  Because together we send a powerful, strategic message that we simply cannot send alone.


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