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"Mama, you should work part-time..."

... says the girl who knows it all, now that she is double-digits in age.  I was huffing and puffing around the kitchen, trying to get dinner in order, orchestrating kids needing to empty lunch boxes, loading diapers into the washer, etcetera etcetera.  You know the 5 o'clock drill.

We have had looooong conversations about whether you stay home, "why or why not?"  Me?  I have made the decision to work outside the home.  We have found a rhythm that generally works for the family.  I work hard outside the home, and I do my darndest to be home "early" and set aside plenty of time.  I will be the first to admit, the full-time juggle with kids is not an easy one.  So, my thoughts have been drifting again: "Working Part-Time: Does it ever work?"

I welcome you to revisit the archives and our past conversations on the topic (linked above), gain perspective from other mamas, chime in.


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