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The Mother PAC: A new kind of political action in Oregon

Mother-PAC-Logo If you're a mom, whether you work in the house or outside of it, taking care of kids or for pay elsewhere (or all of the above!), you've likely felt the rub between work and family somewhere along the line.  We've sure talked about it on Activistas!  Some of us have even participated in local discussion groups about "The Economics of Motherhood."  And the mainstream press is all over it

Shoot, with motherhood being the single biggest predictor of poverty in old age in the US, and the wage gap between mothers and women without children growing wider than the one between men and women, this is an issue whose time has not only come, it is (no pun intended) long overdue.

Tired (so tired) of waiting for change...

Rather than keep waiting (in vain, it seems), a bunch of Oregon mothers (some of whom you probably know!) recently got together and decided we're tired of waiting for someone else to solve this problem, to move our state forward.  Tired of waiting for Salem to pass the strong laws that we know - from personal or professional experience - that our families need to survive and thrive.  Basic policies like paid family leave, paid sick days, flexible work opportunities, equal pay for mothers, equal rights for all families, and the list goes on.... and on... and on.  As you might imagine. 

So we created a Political Action Committee (yes, a "PAC").  It's called, appropriately, The Mother PAC.  Because it's run by mothers.  Period. 

Please JOIN US to launch & learn on October 15th

Please join us (and bring some friends) to officially launch this effort in October.  We'll be at Ecotrust in downtown Portland on Friday, October 15th from 6-8 PM.  And while it is, of course, a fundraiser (what self-respecting PAC would host an event and NOT raise $), it is also an opportunity to learn what we're up to, get involved (why not host your own house party???), eat and drink together, and hear from our keynote speaker, Moms Rising.org's co-founder and current Executive Director, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner.  

Can't make it?  No problem.  Check out our web site, "friend" us on Facebook, hear all about us on OPB's Think Out Loud radio show, and donate online.

Together, mothers are letting our representatives know - loud and clear - that strong policies for Oregon families are front and center on our voting minds.


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I was wondering how this works with Family Forward Oregon.

Anyone know?


Michelle, Good question. Family Forward Oregon (FFO) is a 501c3 non-profit that is very actively pursuing strong family "forward" policies in Salem (and local jurisdictions) and "activating" parents to get involved in that work.

The Mother PAC is separate and exists strictly to elect family-friendly legislators who will vote YES on the policies FFO - and others - are working toward. Without enough YES votes, we won't get anywhere (has been the case thus far, sadly). Thus The Mother PAC. Grassroots money in elective politics to get our voices heard - because that's how it works. Does that help? There are some crossover people involved in both, including myself. Hope to see you (and your friends!) on October 15th. Best, Lisa

I noticed the crossover after posting this comment, but the definitions of each org is very helpful. Thanks!

I'm putting the 1tgh on my calendar. :-)

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