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Back-to-School Clothing Swaps: 08.21.2010

I hate to say it: our first days of school are right around the corner. The weather will turn, and we'll go from afternoon air of warmth to air with a cooler bite. And, we'll have to dig through our bins to rotate weather appropriate garb, from the flimsy to the more substantive. Do you have your coats, socks, jackets, rain ponchos, pants, long-sleeve shirts in order? Sneakers, boots, galoshes? Lunch boxes, thermoses, reusable lunch containers? Start purging!

urbanMamas is teaming up with folks to hold Back-to-School Clothing swaps on Saturday, August 21, 2010. We have locations lined up in each of the five quadrants, so hopefully you can find a time and place that works for you. Emphasis will be on school-aged kid gear, but there will be a section for preschoolers as well. Some snacks and drink will probably be available at each location. Swap school clothes and gear, and maybe make a few new friends, too. Thank you muchly to all of our co-hosts! Let us know if you have questions & we will try to get them answered.

N PDX: St. Johns Swap 'n' Play, 7535 N Chicago Ave, 9-11am

NE PDX: Milagros Boutique, 5433 NE 30th Ave (near Killingsworth), 10am-12n

NW PDX: Isobel's Clubhouse, 300 block of NW 10th Ave, between Hanna Andersen & Cupcake Jones, 11am-1pm

SE PDX: Know thy Food, 3434 SE Milwaukie (entrance on Haig Street), 1-3pm

SW PDX: Westside Academy of Kung Fu, 1509 SW Sunset Blvd Suite B1, 3-5pm.


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I will be staffing the SW one with my mom. Hope to see some SW mamas. Love to opportunity to purge for the garage sale and the swap.

How does it work? Do we bring the clothes prior or? How will we know if there is a good selection for our childs' age/gender?


Just luck of the draw. Bring stuff to share day of, or not. Take stuff that works for you, or not. Just depends on what there is. But no charge and no "bring three things, take three things". As Olivia said over on facebook, "it is loose".

I'm co-hosting the southeast one. here's how it works: you bring the clothing as close to the start time as possible, so that we can maximize the chances of having lots of choices :) you won't know if there is a good selection for your children, until you arrive, but we'll surely do our best to have lots of people swapping!

In the past has there been a selection of size 8/10 boys? It seems like a size that's hard to find not totally destroyed :)

I would love to see the swap have specific locations for gender/sizes. (As in boys between 4t&size 7 go here, girls between size 8&12 go there.) I'm looking for size 12 boys clothes and would hate get out there, give away all my size 10 loot and leave with nothing.

Just FYI, I tried to go to the SE swap with my kid and bag of clothes, but couldn't find any sign of it at the identified address (I hadn't written down the "entrance on Haig" part on the scrap of paper I shoved in my pocket). I did see the loading dock off Haig as we were leaving, but it looked forbidding and closed. Maybe next year, there could be an open door? Or a sign? There was somebody else wandering around looking for it, so I wasn't the only one.

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