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A retrospective: Hood-to-Coast 2010

I am still on a post-run high, a feeling of fatigued elation, having lived through another Hood-to-Coast.  For me, this year was unlike other years.  I felt drab, heavy, slow after having our little man just eleven months ago.  I was upset with my training, or lack thereof.  How could I get out for a run - ever! - between naps, going to the supermarket, work, and all the demands of day-to-day life?  Training was limited to two runs a week; I didn't feel prepared.  Even before I got started, I wanted to give up and cry.  

I set out on my first of three run segments, feeling oh-so tentative and even irritated that I hadn't been able to prioritize running.  I couldn't blame myself.  I couldn't blame my family.  Life is busy.  What can we do? We had twenty-four mamas running Hood to Coast in the name of urbanMamas this year; I am sure I was not the only one who found it difficult to put the running before the kids, the dinners, the work, and the chores.  It was a feat in and of itself to have amassed the mama group group, making sure that we had ample childcare coverage for the 30+ hours away, coordinating feeding/nursing schedules, hauling pumps, pipes, and parts so we could make more food for the littles while gone.  

As I got going, putting one foot in front of another, with all the trees of Mt. Hood as our backdrop, my irritation about my lack of training dissipated.  It's not about the time.  Plop plop thud.  I kept pounding the pavement.  Up ahead, there were my fellow mamas, screaming, yelling, cheering, jumping up and down, clanking a cowbell.  I smiled.  Seeing them got me going faster.  The energy out there on the route was electric.  The spirit in the vans was encouraging.  And, once the sun went down and the moon came up, the mood was delirious, kooky, and loopy.

We are all at different levels of our running.  Some of us run faster.  Some of us run slower.  Some of us are more trim that ever.  Some of us still have 15 pounds to lose, post-baby.  Some of us have teenagers. Some of us have infants.  Some of us are single mamas.  Some of us are partnered.  No matter our situation, training while a mama is hard.  The best thing was: for the 30 hours we were all running together, we had each other.


As we crossed the finish line, all sporting our "run MAMA run" shirts, I felt like we accomplished everything that we wanted.  It's not about the time, it's not about the pace, it's not about winning.  It's all about the effort.  It's all about the mamaraderie.  It was another Hood to Coast, finished by dozens of mamas, with huge smiles on our faces. Thank you, mamas!  See you again next year.


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you guys are amazing. if there is a spot on your team for next year let me know, i'd love to join you..

You ladies rock my world! Great post and wonderful job. Also forgot to mention that I love the new UM site.

I saw at least one of your teams while I was running H2C myself. Run mamas, run!!!

That brought tears to my eyes! And no, I'm not pregnant!

Goose Bumps up and down my arms and legs as I read and silently cheered for you from half-way across the nation!

Congratulations on making running a part of motherhood and on being shining examples of health, determination and goal reachers for your families and other mamas everywhere!

Celebrating your success!
Molly aka Go Running Mom

I'd love to join a slow runner team next year, if there is one. One that isn't too competitive! I ran a 1/2 marathon last year, but have been pretty lazy since then. I need a goal!

Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment, and doing so with an infant. You are an inspiration to many mamas who want to get back to the road!

I'm itching to run again, but have decided to wait until my 9 month and I decide it's time to wean... Too many things to do otherwise. Bravo for making running, your health, and the friendship that comes with running a priority!

Like Carolyn, if the team needs more people (or a volunteer perhaps) next year, I would be so very interested! We'll see where the kiddo and I are with nursing.

Cheers -

This is going to be a come back year for me. Thanks for the inspiration. Its easy to find a reason for not doing things but I always feel the decision was good at the end of the run.

Looks like so much fun. It's been too long since I did HTC. Now after 2 kids and adding Tri's to my chaos. Would love to be on such an inspirational team if you ever need someone.
Anyone want to start a TriMamaTri Team with me?

Thanks Olivia for the re-cap,

Since mama tm 2 was in the first wave to start at 6:30 am, and because our first 3 runners starting with Erin were able to book it down the mountain, we were in the lead when I got the baton. All the vans headed to the top for the next waves honked and cheered us on. That is the fastest I've ever run 7 miles in my life. It didn't hurt that most of it was a gradual downhill. In fact, when I passed one check point, the fireman volunteers cheered "You're Winning!" And that was exactly what Christina's 2 year old asked when she called him; "Are you winning, Mama?" Obviously, we weren't the fastest team, and so, no, technically we didn't win HTC. (my next leg was the hardest 3 miles on level terrain of my life!) But here's my point, no matter our pace or condition, if we get out there and do it, we are winning. Cheezy, but so true. Mama's thanks for getting me out there.

I loved seeing your team. I had my son eight months ago and ran (and pumped my way through) my first Hood to Coast this year. Exhilarating and exhausting.

How can a new-to-running mama join next year?

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