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working mama lunch: Friday, August 20

Let's get the working mamas together. We will talk summer, school, work, or whatever is on your mind. This mama is normally out of the office with the kiddo on Fridays, but  needs to work August 20. Lunching with the mamas will make it a much more pleasurable day.

When: Friday, August 20

Time: 12:30

Location:Dragonfish Asian Café (in the Paramount Hotel) @ 909 SW Park Ave.

Please RSVP in the comments by Tuesday, August 18.

Hope to see you there.


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I will be there and make the reservations.

I will put it on my calendar, and hope that nothing comes up! I'd love to meet other downtown-working mamas.

I am SOOO very there!

Looking forward to it!

Hurray, I can make this one! See you next Friday.

I am gonna try to make this one!

Hoping to make it!

I will be there!

New to this group. Count me in. Thanks!

I'm gonna go for it, with baby, if that's OK.

I'm bringing along a fellow-mama Juanita with her baby - again if babies are invited too!

Be there!

Is it too late to RSVP? I just saw this post. What's the consensus on baby-in-tow?

hi- Not too late to RSVP. I am making the reservations today. No consensus on babies, but looks like there will be two or three on Friday. See everyone then. Reservation under Courtney/urbanMama.

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