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urbanMamas Category Redux

As you all are aware, we are not perfect especially when it comes to assigning categories to the urbanMamas post. That's not a category cloud to the left. Oh no, that's a storm!  It's a bit embarrassing and we are ready to nip it in the bud. Now that the Website has a new look, we would like to clean house and start decluttering the categories. The problem is, we are overwhelmed.  As with any tedious task, we don't know where to start.  We keep procrastinating, and putting it off for another day. Maybe this is where you can help, what are your top 10 parenting categories? What do you search for when you come to urbanMamas? Suggestions?


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I agree the categories are a bit overwhelming... I honestly don't even know if you need any of them! Just offer a search engine of old posts and be done with it. I only look for things in the categories if I specifically want/need info.

I love the calendar... whatever you do don't get rid of that!


Sleep, Things to do, Pottytraining, Health, "Green", (anything that you guys already have biger than the other words too), Working mamas, Feeding

The things I've looked up on UM are birthday party location ideas, doctor/dentist recommendations, prenatal fitness recommendations, play group/networking, parenting advice, and green living advice.

Thanks for all the info!

I'm with Erin.

parenting, extra curricular/leisure activities/events, radical homemaking, free resources

provider recommendations, things to do, food, sleep, potty training, health & body, education, childcare, community

ditto Amber.

I like the storm as-is. Sometimes I don't know what I'm looking for, and sometimes I don't know what it might be I'm interested in. The cloud is good to browse when I have a few minutes. Since there is already a search feature and dedicated main categories, and forums, I'd say this is just another way to see what's being discussed and is available. One more way to enjoy the site!

The search feature works great!

Things I've looked up are: referrals (to doctors and hairdressers); post-partum body issues (discomfort, exercise); childcare/schools; meals/cooking ideas.

I generally read the "front page," check out "recent comments" (to see if any of the stories I've read have been commented on), then head over to "schools." Once in a while I'll check out child-care/exchange. Weekend Warriors is awesome, but, obviously once a week.

That's also pretty much the order I check out the site. I find the "cloud" to be a tad overwhelming and I rarely find myself clicking on it. (To be fair, though, I also rarely search the site for specific information. I just read the articles as they appear.)

I think the drop the cloud, keep a search suggestion is spot-on.

keep the storm! that plus search feature is fine.

I love the way it is. It's possible that some readers might not understand how tagging works and that an article will show up under multiple categories. It's much, much more useful than a search engine to me. A "how to search this site" could be a great way to explain it. I also like the green parenting tab idea...sends a message of real community and doesn't alienate anyone. Keep up the good work!

I like the cloud, and I think it's easier to read in the new font.

Use a handful of broad headings and include search. There's a reason why Craigslist is so incredibly well-used.

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