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Biking to work counts as a workout

I cannot remember the last time I've posted under my real identity, partly because the craziness of maintaining urbanMamas and partly because it feels a bit more "safe" posting just as urbanMamas.  It's a bit more anonymous, you know? So it's ironic that I am making my re-entry post that also includes (hold your breath)...a video! I know, I may really regret it. But here goes...

Hi, I'm Hau. It's been so long, you probably have only seen my occasional comments.  Sarah, Olivia and I are trying something new for Hood to Coast this year. We are going to share our journey as we train again for our 5th relay race as urbanMamas (aka Run Mama Run). This year, through our Hood to Coast team partnership with VitaminWater Zero, we are trying to mix some wellness, fashion and expert training advice into our training regimen. We will try to post videos and share our experience as we juggle running, kids (3 each!), and work obligations.  The mamas and I talked about creating a Hood to Coast page so it would not bore the larger urbanMamas community but alas my typepad hacking skills have met it's match.  So I apologize, but you will only need to put up with it for the next 4 weeks.  Even though you may not be a runner, I hope you can still enjoy our training posts. If anything, maybe you'll get to know us a bit better! 

Now for the training bit. It's no secret that the mamas and I are avid family-bikers. For my first "vlog", I talk about my morning cross-training workout. It's not something I do everyday (not especially in the rain), but when the weather's nice, biking to and from work is how I get in 30 minutes (at least!) of movement.  I know plenty of bike commuters who tell me that their commute hardly counts as exercise, but perhaps they need to trade in their road bike and Lycra for a cruiser and pull their or a friend's child in a trailer.  That, or find a more challenging route to work. Biking commuting is how I squeeze in a workout; as a busy mama, how do you manage to exercise during your day?


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Cute! How did you get your little one to wave on cue? My kids see the video camera and become zombies/freaky attention getter clowns!

I abandoned my gym membership a few weeks ago in order to spend more time and energy on biking. Along with the trailer
(21 lbs) and the girls (50+ lbs total) and me and the bike (yeah, well, it's a lot) I figure biking 10 miles rt, three + times a week is a pretty good workout. I feel stronger already, and the great part is I don't feel like I'm sacrificing my girls' happiness so I can workout, since we usually end up at a park/fountain/kid cool place. They LOVED the childcare at my old gym, but ow we talk while we ride, pick destinations together, and generally share the workout more than we ever have before. I know that come fall I'll probably buck up and get a gym membership, since I wear glasses and have a very freaky fear of the rain, but I'm really hoping to continue to build biking for exercise as well as for utility into our lives.

So, cute Hau! You have seriously inspired me to do this myself. My Chicago-grown husband seems convinced that I will somehow crash on the bike with the baby but he'll get over it. I'm going to start shopping for a seat for him! Any recommendations?

I'd train with him any day! You guys are my mama heros...so inspiring, so real, grounded and full of zest. Enjoy your journey!

Love it! And I have to laugh because I wore the same shoes on my bike ride to work this morning too!

Virginia, get yourself over to Clever Cycles at 9th and Hawthorne - they'll hook you up with a seat for your kiddo!

And Hau, I *love* those sandals - details please?

Hey, I think I recognize those sandals, because I have a pair! They're Dansko "Sissy". I got mine at Shoe Mill at Lloyd Center.

Hau, you ARE my hero! I would be too chicken to post a video and the biking to work thing is just amazing. Though I do not work outside the home at this time, I just can not imagine being organized enough to get out the door on time, with kid on back and cute shoes on no less!! You rock!

Hau, if those are Dansko, I think I have those sandals in black! Thanks for the video. You've inspired me to get up early to bike Atticus to camp this week. It's not on the way to work but I'll get a good long ride in.

In the past, I've been so inhibited by trying to figure out biking gear and what to wear; and intimidated by the whole idea of commuting with kids. I just wanted to share that you can bike in everyday clothes AND get a workout out of biking. How great is that?

Yes, those are Sissy Dansko; and the most comfy sandals ever. I wished I had a pair in red AND black. Guess it's the new mama biking shoes!

Virginia, I would also put in a word for going to Clever and trying out different seats. It's hard to know what you want until you test a couple of different options. We have the Bobike Maxi because we wanted a seat that we could use with kids up to 50 lbs because of our commute with the kids downtown.

Biking to work (and to run errands) definitely counts as a workout. I love to add up my estimated miles at the end of the day (or you can get a bike computer if you need to be exact). Two miles to the gym first thing in the morning and two miles back. A mile to the grocery store and a mile back. Three miles to the park/pool and three back. You hit some good mileage pretty quickly and you spend at least an hour exercising instead of sitting. And if you're hauling kiddos or stuff . . . it's a workout and a half! Pretty soon the errand/commute biking becomes "background noise" and you're just maintaining a good level of fitness with it, not feeling like you're exhausted from so much biking.

Hau: You rock.

i'm totally going to take up biking in my danskos. brilliant.

Hau, you're so dang cute. And that kid, where'd you find him? Central casting? Yes, biking with kids IS a workout, and anyone who says different is just plain wrong. My evidence of this is that I've been biking with the littles all summer, hither and yon, mostly just around the neighborhood. The other day I had the opportunity to ride *solo* and, my word, I was biking so fast I thought I might take flight. Given that I move at a tortoise-like clip with the kids on board, I found that experience to be encouraging and exhilarating. I really hate the gym and struggle to find a time to "work-out," so biking with the kids is a good fit for me, too.

Hau, you're a natural star. I love this.
Oh, and I'd agree that Danskos are the perfect biking shoe. B/t clogs in the rainy season and sandals in the summer, I wear some version of them about 90% of my biking days!

Inspiring. This is something I am working towards. I am a nursing full time/working full time mama, so just getting myself on the bike to get to work with my work clothes, purse/personal items and PUMP is a lot. I have heard that the bike seats aren't really good for babies under 1 year, so we still have 6 more months to go. But this has inspired me to keep working at it, I miss my quiet time on the bike in the morning to reflect and let my thoughts wander.

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