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Breastfeeding setting records at the Big Latch On August 6

Oregon is already leading the country in its rates of breastfeeding, and length of breastfeeding; for children born in 2006, 91.4% of babies were breastfed at some point, and 37.0% were breastfed still at 12 months, significantly higher than the U.S. average and a little higher than other progressive, breastfeeding-friendly states like Washington and California. In order to promote breastfeeding and "show everyone just how great Portland is and how much we all value breastfeeding," a group in Portland is organizing the Big Latch On the morning of Friday, August 6.

With a goal of setting the world record for 'most women breastfeeding at once,' mothers will be asked to latch their breastfeeding child on and, evidently, on-site monitors will make sure there is a firm latch. The Big Latch On has already registered a few dozen venues in every part of town, and there will be prizes and treats and, hopefully, lots of other nursing mamas. (I'm a little unclear as to whether everyone is supposed to latch on at 10:30, or at 11, but you're being asked to arrive at 10 a.m.) Even WIC offices are registered, demonstrating the wide community support for breastfeeding in Portland.

I'll admit that, when I considered how hard to push the weaning of my now-three-year-old son, I had this in the back of my mind. Right after the Big Latch On, maybe?


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How funny you mentioned weaning and the big latch on! I was thinking the same thing about my two year-old. I want to move her out of our bed, and hope that weaning will follow. But we're gonna wait until after the event!

We are very excited about this event!

There is a minor paperwork verification process that every venue will need to administer, so arriving at 10am would be ideal.

BUT! We will be keeping the whole event very festive at Milagros and we imagine every venue will be doing the same.

The big goal here is to show that breastfeeding is embraced and celebrated in Portland. Also, that when you choose to nurse your baby, you are far from alone. There are many peers and a lot of support available.

Of the many venues participating are the local WIC offices. One of the great things about the WIC program is that it provides support for breastfeeding in a variety of ways but the most compelling is that it extends WIC program benefits to 12 months versus 6 months.

Finally, you don't have to be nursing to join the party at Milagros on 8/6. All are welcome to come and show their support for breastfeeding!

I am excited to participate, and I am glad I can do so - even if I am a FT working mama - due to my very flexible schedule. I am sad it was scheduled on a workday, as I am sure there are many-a-nursing-working mama who would love to get her latch on to support.

I will be either at Milagros or In Other Words on the 6th. Or maybe both. Or maybe I will start out at Milagros, then go to In Other Words, while still having l'enfant latched on nursing.

I hope lots of other mamas will be out there, too!

We look forward to seeing you there Olivia!

So sad I will be out of town, in a not-so-nursing-friendly community, I would love to participate. Maybe I'll go down to park on the main drag and join you all in-abstentia!

I'll be pumping at work in support :) per my normal schedule

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