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All the working mamas! (all the working mamas)... how do you find friends?

So many of us have been there, so many times.  Mamahood is hard to begin with, but being a working working mama can further complicate (and limit) opportunities to meet other mamas and other kidlets.  What are your best suggestions for meeting other working mamas?  Or, maybe: what are your best suggestions for working mamas to meet other mamas?  An urbanMama recently emailed:

...how do working mothers find mother frineds?  If they did not start out with frineds with the same age babies.  I find that all mothers groups take place during the woprkweek, as does baby storytime and other community offerings.  I just wanted to know if there is something I am missing and would love to hear other suggestions.


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If you're a working mom, chances are, your kids are either in daycare with other kiddos, or you have a nanny that (hopefully) has playdates with other kiddos.
We try to get to know the parents of our kids's playmates and set up weekend playdates, occasional dinners out, birthday parties, meet up at concerts in the park, etc.
Sometimes we jive with those other parents, and sometimes we don't (even though they may be nice people).

This is a problem for me as well! There are some mamas I have connected with at work but finding new ones is a challenge. It's hard, too, when the weekend is our time to reconnect as a family, sometimes I don't feel like going out to meet new folks. But weekend picnics or playgroups might fit the bill...our little one is just 9 months so I'm hoping there will be a lot more playtime in our future, and we'll be a little less slave to constant napping :)

This is definitely difficult for me. I work in a small office with people who don't have children and I find most of my son's friends have working parents as well. We are friendly, but everyone is very busy, so it's difficult to connect on a deeper level. I find I mainly have as friends the some of same people I had a friends before I had children (some friends are no longer close due to circumstance and other issues). The time and effort to make and keep new friends is proving quite difficult when working 40 hours a week while still trying to spend time with my husband and kids.

I'm right there, too. I've maintained my pre-baby friendships fairly well, but most of them don't have children. And weekends are the only time we get to recharge, reconnect, and simply take care of the household, so playdates and social stuff can be overwhelming. I'm actually a lot less concerned about making my own friends as I am about helping my daughter nurture her friendships. So many of the other kids spend time with each other after school, the at-home moms organize activities together ... and my daughter misses out. My mom is her nanny, and she has gone to a few playdates and hosted a few, but the mothers really reach out differently to nannies and grandmas than they do to each other (and I understand that -- they're looking for mama friends).

I don't have an answer, just lots of sympathy. Take heart that others feel the same way, and maybe this just isn't the time for a rich social life outside of your partner and kids.

my husband is the stay at home dad and he has 4 or so friends from tiny tots library time and they often have playdates. i am alone with our son on saturdays and would love to coordinate a saturday morning or late afternoon mommy (and/or daddy) group for 40 hour working parents. i wonder if anyone else would be interested? playground dates, etc.

Hi Amanda, I am definitely interested. Please email me at pelene47@yahoo.com


I would be interested in a Saturday playgroup also. My daughter is 2 years old. Please email me at melg@teleport.com

I would be up for that as well, although my daughter is a little older, 3.5. jennifer@duvoisingroup.com

That would be a great category for this site -- playdate calendar with ages and general location!

I second the playdate calendar idea!

Also, Kenton Library in North Portland has geared their storytime around working parents, offering one Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. and Saturday morning at 10:15 a.m. You might meet a lot of other mamas in similar situations there.

Amanda I would be interested in this as well. My son is 3. Email me at arabeth@gmail.com.

I work with Mamas, so my job actually lends itself to friendships w/ mamas...not bragging, just blessed!
You could start a meetup.com group for working mamas. Then when you had free time, you could hop on the calender and host something...or find out who else is hosting, and stop by..

I would be interested in a playgroup/playdate. My son is just turning 3. I work 3 days a week, would love a weekend or weekday evening time!

yay. so happy other mamas (and papas are invited too!) are interested! i feel so left out when i come home to hear about my husband's playdates or future zoo dates, etc. i will send an email soon.... and i will look into the meetup again (which i have before, and they dropped me because i couldn't attend any of the M-F morning playdates $#@!%)

I suggest looking around your neighborhood. We started our family around 2 years ago. We started to take walks around the neighborhood and talked to anyone we saw with a child around our child's age. From there we started a monthly "happyhour" that people volunteer to host at their homes. We have over 25 people on an email list now, that everyone has access too. It is nice because all the families live within walking distance of each other. Get out and meet your community!

I would be very interested in play dates, especially at parks, something physical, and outdoors. I have an 18 month and work full time. I'm also a single mom, so would love to share time with others who deal with the same challenges. My email address is sboyd@opb.org

Sounds great! I'm a teacher, so I'm home for the summer right now but I generally work full time and my friends don't have kids. I really need to more Mama's in my life. I have a very busy 14 month old son.

I forgot to post my email address: cgalgerud@gmail.com, I am the mom with the almost 3 year boy. Susan I am a single mom too:)

Woodstock Library's story hour is on Saturdays!

meetup.com has been a great help. I started a baby group in SE PDX as a SAHM & kept it going as I went back to work PT. I'd say over 1/2 the moms in our group work and hardly any of them 9-5pm. It's often evenings and weekends (myself included) so weekday meets work best for our group. There's a bunch of mom/playgroups on there in the PDX/Beaverton area. I am also a member of one group named CCP (counter culture parenting) & notice that they have meets & members in the Beaverton area. And if none of these work, start your own! I tried other outlets (craigslist, etc.) but got the best response on meetup. We are moving over to facebook since most of us were on there & it's free but if you create your meetup group and then decide not to do it because of the price, they will email you in a day or so and give you 1/2 off! (worked for me and several others I know who run meetup groups). Some of our best meets are at each other's homes and I feel I have truly made friends here for we even done NON-related kid stuff!

Come to the working mama lunches urbanMamas hosts. Next one is Friday, August 21 @ 12:30 @ DragonFish. See post on urbanMamas. Connect with kids and parents at daycare, create a working mamas group at work, or participate in a professional group geared to women, as many of them will also be mothers.

I would be interested in a Saturday playgroup/playdate as well. My daughter is 3.5. Please email me at hancockj@usa.redcross.org. Thanks.

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