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Save the date...and your stuff for the 2nd annual uM/Activistas garage sale!

DSCN0298 We did it last year (see photo, right) and we're doin' it again in 2010. Mark your calendar for the 2nd annual urbanMamas / Activistas community garage sale! 

It's a fundraiser for Family Forward Oregon, so, please, don't take that load to Goodwill!  Save it for us, instead.

How it works:

You donate all that stuff you just don't need anymore, and we sell it to folks who do.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to Family Forward Oregon, a year-old Oregon non-profit (run by Pdx mamas) that is working to build a family-friendly economy in Oregon that fully supports the work of child-raising and family caregiving without jeopardizing economic security. 

Garage sale details:

  • When?  Fri & Sat, August 13 & 14, 9 AM - 4 PM
    Where?  NE 47th & Siskiyou, 2 blocks S of NE Fremont in Pdx
  • What: Your donated baby/kid and non-kid stuff for sale  
  • Why?  To support an amazing new org that is working hard to benefit all Oregon families; in this "economic climate," this is an effective, barn raising approach to fundraising.
  • Help! You can donate stuff (save it till August or drop it at one of our drop houses sooner - email us at activistas@gmail.com and we'll find one near you), work the sale, or bake for the inevitable kid-run lemonade stand (or all of the above!)
  • Questions?  Leave a comment here and we'll reply, or get in touch directly: activistas@gmail.com

This is just a heads up so you can plan to donate, bake and/or shop.  And of course, help us spread the word in the meantime.  As the date nears we'll provide more details.  


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i have stuff to donate, I work in SW Pdx but am all over town. Where can I drop a couple bags off?

How far in advance can we drop off things at a drop-off location? I loved this event last year but unfortunately we'll be out of town and I have lots of goodies to contribute!

Marilyn, We have drop houses in various parts of town, including Mt Tabor, SE, NE, and NoPo. Any of those workable? If so, please email us at activistas@gmail.com and we'll get you an address! Thank you in advance for contributing!

Katy, Anytime is fine. You can email us at activistas@gmail.com and we'll find the most convenient drop house for you. So glad you liked it last year, and sorry that you'll miss it this August :-(

It's great to be collecting the wares already! We're getting a jump start this year.

Cheers, Lisa

Is this sale for everyone or only for families in need?

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