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Pregnancy support groups?

A friend asked on Twitter if I knew of any pregnancy support groups; and I haven't been able to answer her because I'm out of the loop here! All I have had, if you exclude my first-pregnancy birth prep class, is you (which is plenty :). Have any of you participated in or led pregnancy support classes? Please share!

We last discussed pregnancy support groups about a year ago, and many of you mentioned prenatal yoga (I've had a lovely experience with Shana at Yoga Shala on Division), La Leche League, and hospital-sponsored groups like these at Providence. I feel as if something is missing, though. Is this a hole in the community that needs to be filled; or is it already, and I'm just not finding it?


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PGP has a pregnancy forum at http://www.portlandgreenparenting.com/forum including an awesome 'meals for mamas' program that delivers meals for new mamas and papas. it's also a good way to meet other parents of babies and young kids and build community. once our space opens up, we hope to have regular meetings too for pregnant mamas and mamas with babies up to walking age.

ooh, thanks Rebecca! I've been meaning to comment on that really great service -- MealBaby? -- what an awesome use of the internet for supporting community. https://mealbaby.com/

Baby Blues Connection is happy to provide support for pregnant women coping with depression and anxiety. It's free!

Holistic moms network maybe a support group for like-minded mamas. I am still looking myself... la leche league has also been great.

Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon has a free warmline for Mamas with breastfeeding concerns. They offer free prenatal breastfeeding classes at Eco Baby Gear (1st Wednesday @ 4pm) and at Milagros (4th Thursday @ 6pm) and at Mother and Child Education Center (4th Monday @ 6pm). They also provide grants for lactation services and pumps to any mama who is WIC eligible. (503)282-3338 nursingmotherscounsel.org

Beyond Birth at Zenana Spa, 2024 SE Clinton has a breastfeeding support group that meets on Mondays:
10-11:15am 3 months and older
12-1:15pm birth to 3 months

I also give a big shout out to Shanas prenatal yoga class. It's great!

I am on the Board of a new organization called BirthMatters.info (http://www.birthmatters.info). Our mission is to provide educational materials and support resources for parents before, during and after pregnancy. We have talked about hosting a support group and/or beginning a mentoring program. If there are mamas out there who would be interested in either, let me know, and I will see what we can do to organize it! amy@birthmatters.info

Hi, For any expecting Mamas out there, looking for a support group, I recently started a group on Meetup.com for Expecting Mamas! Here's a link to it:

This group is for new expecting Moms with due dates in Nov.2010, Dec. 2010, January 2011, February 2011 and after, who are confident, fun, sassy, hip Portland Women in their mid 20's to late 30's, who live fairly central, in neighborhoods near SE Hawthorne area, neighborhoods close to downtown (the Pearl, Nob Hill, West Hills), or in the NE, who are interested in forming a new Moms group, making new girlfriends, meeting for lunch, going on walks, shopping, gabbing over dinner, pedicures, sharing stories and advice, supporting each other pre and post pregnancy, setting up future playgroup dates with our kids to parks, museums,each others' houses, and most importantly, once the kiddoes arrive there will be playdates in addition to many Moms only events (because it's important for us new Moms to have fun, remember who we are, and not lose ourselves in Mommyhood!), and there will be Dads only events too. This group will be drama free and will not be catty nor religious.

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I just recently found out that Cotton Babies in Vancouver, WA (it's just across the brigde) offers many different groups and classes in their store. Visit their website and if you click on Events you can see the calendar. They have a Belly Buddy support group for pregnant women but also offer other after classes - prenatal yoga, daddy groups and more. I am going to try their yoga class next week and maybe the belly buddy group.


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