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On TriMet: bus-riding is "active transportation" too

As we prepared for the start of Walk & Bike Challenge Month, I looked at the weather.  Rain is not a stranger to us.  As it started to pour on cue on Monday morning at 8am, I was glad that riding the bus is considered active transportation too.  Recently, I went back to my oldest daughter's baby book (at almost 10 years old, she's hardly a baby anymore!), where I wrote of fond moments of the two of us riding the bus:

[August 13, 2006] ....  some of our greatest moments are our afternoons on transit heading back home.  When I pick you up from aftercare, you say, "Are we taking the #19 [Glisan] or #20 [Burnside] today, mama?"  Either bus line is up a *steep* hill from your school, and I drag you up the hill running, and you pant "I. can't. do. it. mama..."  Most times, we make our bus and we settle into our seats (your favorite spot is the row on the mezzanine level toward the back) where we eat snacks [admittedly not allowed on buses], talk, knit or write notes.  I really cherish this time with you.  It's our quality time together.  We both slept yesterday on the bus, leaning on one another's shoulders.  It was so restful, so delicious, to sleep cozily on the warm bus.  When I woke you up, you were only discombobulated for a few moments.  You quickly acclimated to being awake, and we skipped down the street to your sister's school, where you told everyone, "I fell asleep on the bus.  It felt like I was sleeping for a whole hour!"

I thought I would share the excerpt.  I have such fond, fond moments, intimate moments even, from riding the bus with the kids.


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thanks for sharing. so sweet! i love taking the bus with my kids. even when it's only the daily commute, the experience is shared in a way that car trips and bike rides aren't. and i love that after years of transit, my 4-year-olds are confident bus riders.

Lovely memory! I am always trying to jot down such moments and interesting quotes from the kids. My memory sucks and even just a few descriptive sentences can really help bring it all back (for both mama and child).

My daughter and I have been riding the bus/max since her birth as well (she is now 4). Your writing really touched my heart. Thank you!

Ohh I miss those days some times. I used to take my son to day care and took the max and the bus to do that. There are thinks I do not miss for sure (trying to get the stroller with the car seat up 3 stairs in the poring rain. Hearing the bus driver say Mam, you need to fold that and taking off before I get the chance...) But the time we had together every day before and after work was great. I would like to think if I was still doing it I would be enjoying it even more.

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