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Seeking Recommendations: OHP Dentist

Mamas, have you any suggestions?

I have seen posts on urbanMamas about dentists, but I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a dentist who takes OHP. My son is almost two and hasn't seen a dentist yet, and I am hoping some names for dentists who take OHP, my son has Capitol Dental. If anyone knows of a great dentist who works with little ones and takes this insurance, please advise! Thank you.


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I love Pediatric Dentistry. I got them through OHP. I also had Capitol Dental well. They are in NE Portland close in at the edge of the Hollywood Fred Meyer parking lot. Their whole office is jungle animal themed and they have murals and stuffed animals everywhere, and they have little dispensers that dispense little toys as a treat at the end... I recommend them they are real fun. The dentists seem to really care and have a way with kids.

You can also try the pediatric residency departement at OHSU, not only do they accept OHP but their prices are also reduced.

Don't go to Dental Care Today - especially the one on NE Broadway. They are horrible.

Try Macadam Dental - Dr. Jodi Morich takes care of kids, and we see Dr. Kevin Morich as adults - both are wonderful!


*Almost* 2? Most dentists don't think it's necessary to be seen until you're around 3 or 4 when the child has all of their teeth. Seriously! :)

Actually, the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that a dentist see a child when they either get their first tooth or by the age of 1, whichever comes first. Its more to establish good routines with the parents and try to decrease bad dental habits.

Portland has the best dentists for kids. The Pediatric Dentistry place is great (on 28th near Fred Meyer) Portland has the best dentists for kids. To use OHP, you have to request an "open card".

Green Apple Dental, NE 82nd ,cares for children on OHP. 503-254-0888. My family is on Capitol Dental and go there also. Actually very good office for children and way better than the old office,and most offices to be honest that take OHP.

I have a 8year old and i can't get her to she get really scared and so i can't get her teeth clean or fix and we have OHP i need some help or where i can take her thank you

Check for your local health listings. There might be available dental services as well.

As an elementary teacher I would support the notion of bringing children into the dentist as young as is recommended. If they learn to love it early on, or at least can accept that visiting the dentist (making dental health care a 'routine' priority) or caring for them is important... less argument or struggles later on. Establish the routine you want in place early on (in modified form at first of course). Thanks for the recommendations all...our daughter is on Healthy Kids through OHP, and I am surprised by how many offices I have already called - who do not accept OHP.

However, if your local tanning center is employing a dentist to carry out this treatment this would be fine. Your teeth can be permanently damaged if incorrect products and techniques are used to whiten your teeth.

What dentist is good and takes open card around gresham?

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