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Reminder: Join our urbanMama running group!

Do you know we have a lot of runners in the urbanMama community? There is a Yahoo group, an email group and Facebook page. There is a group of us who are new to running or in the 10-12 minute per mile category. We are training for the Shamrock Run which is March 14. We have been meeting every Saturday at the Waterfront to run together. The next one is Saturday, March 6 @ 8:00 am. Meet at the Vera Katz statue on the east side of the Waterfront, south of the Hawthorne Bridge. Join us! Email: umamarunners@gmail.com. Facebook: Urbanmama Runners. And check out a great new running blog Run Like a Mother.


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Shamrock run is sold out.

Thanks for the mention of blog. Us Sarah-runers have to stick together! ";>)

Though I still haven't made it to a group run (but please keep me in the loop as I really really want to!), I wanted to send out a "congrats" to all the Mamas who participated in this year's Shamrock Run. Finally we were blessed with good weather and an improved start/finish area!

After having not run for a year (oops!), I was happy with my race, but really should get back in practice. Anyone training for upcoming events? I know I keep asking, but anyone running downtown at lunchish?


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