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Morning time: How long does getting ready take?

After a week of actually having to get all three boys together and out the door in the morning (Everett's been going to school via bus for the past two-and-a-half years, and I've been working, more or less, at home), I've finally grudgingly acknowledged the truth of the matter: for me, it's a whole hour between the moment I get out of bed and the moment we're on the bikes in the driveway (or sidewalk, if we're walking or taking Trimet). I thought back to the old days when I used to work in an office, and only had Everett to get ready, and sure enough: it was the exact same truth. Doesn't matter how bad the weather is, what sort of conveyance we're planning, what I make for breakfast (or if we decide to stop for a treat on the way), if I try to pack getting ready into anything less than an hour, I end up stressed, pushing boys past their limits, and inevitably, 10 or 15 minutes late.

So today, we were a few minutes early to school! What a pleasure. As I coasted down the hill toward home, feeling satisfied, I reminded myself how pushing my snooze button is only making my job as a mama way, way harder. So, I wondered, how about the rest of you? What's your morning truth? Is it an hour for you, more or less, or do you have some amazing skills (or extra needs) that make your mornings special-in-your-own-way? What throws you off? What gets you streamlined?


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It does not matter when I set the alarm, if we get up early, late or on time. No matter when we get up, I can always count on being between 15-20 minutes late for work, and I can always count on having at least one bout of "do I have to yell at you EVERY MORNING????!!!!" It is so frustrating! I am starting to talk to her about Kindergarten and how this is not how it's going to be, but I bet it will be!

Our household is early to bed, and early to rise. My boys (kindergarten) are typically up at 6:15 a.m., but that works for us. We don't have to leave the house to walk to school until 8:35. I think the fact that we do have a big chunk of time in the morning to ease into the day defintiely helps! But when the actual process of getting ready starts (getting dressed, teeth brushed, finish breakfast, lunch boxes/homework by the front door etc.) we have a saying in our household of "first things first"...gotta get the required stuff done first. no exceptions. Once these things that have to do be done are completed, then they have the rest of the morning time (about 15 minutes usually) to do something of their choice. (game of Wii, drawing, or a bit of t.v. before we head out the door.) I really think that the biggest thing to help the morning transition is to allow enough time so that they don't feel crazily rushed getting out the door, and if anything can be done the night before, do it then.

I have found that in our home we definitely need an hour to get out the door. I never use an alarm and generally wake up about 6:00 or 6:15. I start a pot of coffee for my husband and I and try to let the boys sleep until 6:30 at the latest. They usually wake up on their own and come running upstairs with about 20 toys. While coffee is brewing I get them breakfast and while they eat I make their lunches. We go to their room to get them ready at about 7:00. My oldest is in the third grade and he is pretty good about going to school but my Kindergartner can be challenging. He changes his mind about ten times regarding what he wants to wear and drives me crazy. I have to try really hard to not react to his moods. Then I get their backpacks ready, and we do coats, hats etc. because we walk to school every morning rain or shine. Right now I'm working on sending them to their room on their own to get ready because they are old enough and I know I do too much.

I find the actual getting ready can happens in about 30-45 minutes but an hour is ideal. Any longer than that, and we run late because we take more time playing and dawdling.

We are right at 45 minutes, and have been for some time. I shower in the morning, my daugther at night. We both choose clothes the night before (and the rule is--no changing your mind in the morning, unless there has been an extreme change in weather that makes the original clothing choice not-so-good); lunches are made the night before; and purses, laptop bags, backpacks, gym bags, etc., are packed and in a central spot.

Our breakfast is sort of "meh"--toast or bagels or leftover waffles reheated, fresh fruit and yogurt or cheese. That's something we could improve on if we didn't like our beds so darn much.

Our rule is that anything that can be done the night before MUST be done the night before. I am not sharp enough in the morning--nor do I want to get up early enough--to deal with hunting for lost homework, or signing permission slips, or making lunches, or choosing clothing. TV and computers are off limits (unless we're ready to go early). Do as much prep as possible, and avoid all distractions.

We're about 1.5? hours every morning (and that's "rushing"!). As the original post said, it doesn't seem to matter if I jump out of bed the second the alarm goes off (at 5:50am - ouch!) or let my hubby hit snooze three times...if the breakfast is cold cereal or cheese omelettes...I'm 15-20 min. late to work every day - shooting for 8:00am!

I used to try to figure out why..maybe if I set the alarm even earlier (which is how it went from 6:10am to 6:00am to 5:50am). But inevitably on the mornings we are "early", my 3 year old will annouce, as we are literally walking out the door with shoes/coats on and bags in hand, that he has to "go poop" and then as soon as I have him put back together the 2 year old will announce "I'm poopy!".

And even if I miraculously get them to day care on time, it will be the day they want to show me something in the classroom or get an extra long hug....and I leave just in time to see my bus pulling away from the stop. Oh well, next one isn't for another 15 minutes or so!

I think "acceptance" is the only sanity-savor? (that and a nice boss :).

It's just about an hour for us too. The kids (and begrudgingly parents) are awake around 6 and I feed them a snack (nuts and raisins usually) and then they play until 7:15 or so at which point the hour of actually getting ready begins as we get dressed, eat breakfast and pack up to get out the door. There is often a mad rush in the last 10 minutes (why are shoes and a coat so damned challenging?) but I am learning not to get so hyped up about a few minutes one way or another since it's very rare that we're technically late.

An hour. Up at 7:30, out the door at 8:30. I make lunch while they eat breakfast, we get dressed, brush teeth, and go. There is usually enough time for playing/drawing in there. It works pretty well. If we're late its almost always because I'M not on the ball (ie: checking email.)

We find an hour works...up at 6:30 at the bus stop at 7:30. I get my 1st grader up, dressed and at the table eating breakfast, while I maker her lunch, snack and pack up her backpack She is then responsible for hair and teeth while I take care of me. She only needs about 30 minutes but an hour gives her lots of time to play around and dawdle and I don't have to ask her to hurry up. She is rewarded with play time if she finishes ahead of schedule.

1 1/2 hours for me an hour for the kids. I'm up at 7:00 so I can shower and dress before getting my Kindergartener up at 7:30. She gets dressed while I make breakfast and get my 2 y/o son up, then they eat while I pack her lunch. Then I sit down and eat my breakfast and check my email, while she finishes eating. She is a VERY slow eater in the morning, last year I tried letting her sleep until 8 , but after I found myself yelling at her to eat faster (how dumb is that!) I decided she just needed the extra time in the morning so we didn't have to rush! We head out the door at 8:30.

1 1/2 hours for me an hour for the kids. I'm up at 7:00 so I can shower and dress before getting my Kindergartener up at 7:30. She gets dressed while I make breakfast and get my 2 y/o son up, then they eat while I pack her lunch. Then I sit down and eat my breakfast and check my email, while she finishes eating. She is a VERY slow eater in the morning, last year I tried letting her sleep until 8 , but after I found myself yelling at her to eat faster (how dumb is that!) I decided she just needed the extra time in the morning so we didn't have to rush! We head out the door at 8:30.

About 1.5 hrs, but can be done more quickly if I skip a shower or if all stars are aligned. I get up just before 6am to shower and get myself ready (20 min) before starting with the kids; they're up anywhere 6 to 6:45. The routine includes at least 10-15 min for a bottle and cuddles for the toddler, and he's out the door with papa at 7:10. My kindergartener can manage to get from bed to out the door in 30 min if necessary although she prefers to (and usually does) have a little more time for playing, coloring, etc.

I agree that acceptance is the key to preserving one's sanity, along with preparing everything possible the night before. Like others have mentioned, the time we get up doesn't seem to matter much, it's how many crises happen in the last 10 min or so: poopy diapers, spilled cereal, extreme stubborness over coat or shoes, or simply the need for extra hugs and dawdling.

Yikes you guys! I take back all my complaining! My daughter and I sleep til 7:26 every day and we are out by about 8:25 (I'm supposed to be at work at 8:30 and still have to drop her at pre-school), but I would rather be late for work EVERY DAY and twice on Fridays than to be up at 5:50 every morning! I'm a rooster...I am up with the sun! More power to you all for being morning people!

Things are nicer here if we have an hour and a half. As earlier posters said, we try to eliminate hassles the night before; lay out clothes, make lunches, pack bags, have an idea of breakfast. It gets ugly around here most of the time though, inevitably someone's limbs or ears stop working or food is out of the question. I have the best days if I can get up before anyone, which takes a lot of will power, but even 10 minutes to myself before the insanity starts really changes the day for me, and everyone else. I can center myself and inhale coffee.

I like to take the morning slow and have 30 minutes to drink my coffee, check my mail, stare at the wall. By myself. If I miss this quiet morning time - it throws my day off. Likewise(imagine that), my son needs about the same amount of time to wake up (lay on the couch and snuggle). If he doesn't get this time too ... we inevitably end up having a rough morning. I wake up at 5. He is up at 6. We are out the door by 7.

We clock in at 30 minutes, believe it or not. We take the kids straight from their beds, put them in chairs, put a simple fast breakfast in front of them, dress them while they are eating, then throw together quick lunches, and out the door. It does take some prodding, but we are a two-full-time working parent household, so we let them stay up late so we can snuggle together.

It's one hour from getting the kids up to walking out the door for us. What often makes us late is me getting ready for work. I've taken to drying my hair again which I know is non-essential and takes precious minutes in the morning, but my hair looks really cruddy if I don't. I am up at 6:00 to take a shower, eat breakfast and make lunches before they get up. This week we tried eliminating all clothes in the 4 year old's drawers that she can't put on herself without help. That seems to have helped, but there were still a couple of last minute meltdowns over coats since we are going back and forth between super warm and light weight coats the last couple of weeks. Good to hear we're not the only ones struggling.

I'm up at 7:15 to do hair and makeup, I wake my 3-yr-old up at 7:30. As soon as she can peel her eyes open, I help her get dressed, often while she's still lying in bed. That process wakes her up enough to eat breakfast (toast, waffle, or yogurt) while I get dressed. I deally, we are out the door at 8:10 so she can be one of the early arrivals at preschool (she has a harder transition if lots of kids are already there), but we're usually in the car at 8:25. Then I make my way to vancouver for work, and I'm usually 10 minutes later than I'd like to be. Amazing (and sad) how just 10 minutes can make such a big difference between feeling like the day started successfully, or not.

I haven't thought about the actual time it takes me, but I go through the same routine every morning. I'm up at 5:45 to shower and get ready, and have a few minutes of quiet to drink my first cup of coffee before I wake my kids. I aim to get them up at 6:30, but sometimes it's closer to 6:45. We're generally out the door an hour after I wake them up, in which time they shake off the sleep, eat breakfast, get dressed, and have a little bit of free play time. I use this time to finish packing bags (something I always wish I had done the night before) for everyone, eat breakfast myself, and squeeze in some cuddle/play time. My goal is to be out the door at 7:30 to drive them from our house in SW to my girls' school in NE, then back to SW where I drop off my son with grandparents before I go to work. We're usually pulling out of the driveway at 7:45 though. By the time I get to my desk I've already been up for three hours. My past, 20-something self would never believe I would someday be capable of this!

Every morning is a bit different & our morning commute can very from bike, car, and the occassional bus ride. I work from home or office, so that is a variable too.

In general, my husband is up by 7am and puts the coffee on. My 9yo is up by 7:15 or 7:30. If she sleeps past 7:30, she cries and yells at us because we haven't woken her up early enough. The 6yo is usually up by 7:30.

We are out the door by 7:50 (if on bikes) and 8-8:15 (if by car).

I wish I could nudge bedtimes earlier so they can wake up earlier, but we do the book reading at 7:30 and lights out by 8 & that's probably the earliest we can make it, given busy evenings.

omg, I am amazed that most of you can get ready in an hour! It takes us an hour and a half. We get up at 6:15 and leave at 7:45. I have a 4 year old and an 8 month old.
My husband and I even shower at night in order to cut down the time. How the heck do you guys manage to get out so quickly?

I get up, put on the coffee, make a simple breakfast like bagels and cream cheese for the 3 of us, give my daughter a bottle, then get dressed and do my makeup. My childcare arrives and we chat for 2 minutes, we gather up our lunches and put shoes on and head out. Yes. That takes us 90 minutes. And it isn't very relaxed.

The kids are in bed by 7:30 and wake up by 6 every morning. I get all my prep done the night before including showering myself and bathing the kids. However 1 hour to get ready in the morning sounds like a dream! Are you kidding me! Try 2 hours at the least just to get out of the house! I have girls with extremely curly hair that has to be wet down, combed out, product applied and done is a style that keeps it out of their faces otherwise they look like disheveled messes and their only 10 months and 3 years old! Plus, my 3 year old is in the stage where she changes her clothes about 20 times a day (this is not a joke as many of you know) so by the time I think we are ready to leave, we are actually starting from square one with her! Don't worry Briana we feel your pain and it sounds like you are beating us! :)

We set out every thing in the pm. And then I allow 15 minutes per person in the am. If I allow more time, my toddler will get distracted or dirty, and my baby will poop or get hungry. Plus, it is easier to dress them when they aren't fully awake. So I feed the baby right before I get out of bed, get breakfast for the toddler, jump in the shower, dress everyone and out the door in 45 minutes. And yes, we often eat -- bagels, granola bars, fruit -- in the car.

Oh, plus I quit wearing make up and I usually don a hat!

So I have an eleven year old girl she gets up at 6:30 and is ready at 7:40. My 7 and 6 year olds wake up at 7:05 and is ready at 7:30.. We leave at 7:45 and all is Good!

god ideas all of you but i need something that makes the morning so fast your out the door faster than you think even if you wake up really late your still on time. if anybody knows a website or a thing that would help please respond back.

Omg! You all are fast. It takes me 3 hours to get out of the house with my toddler. I have 2 dogs that have to be let out, fed, and let out again. Lunches usually made the night before and snacks prepped. But my toddler takes 45 minutes to an hour to eat!

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