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Heart-to-heart Valentine-making event, Saturday February 6

Is there any annual holiday whose crafts I more enjoy than Valentine's Day? It's definitely on my top three. But many years, I find myself cutting out hearts as the sun sets on the 13th, watching the missed opportunities for Valentine delight setting along with them.

Determined to not let this year be a missed opportunity, a few of us urbanMamas are gathering Saturday at 3 p.m. at CHAP (the Children's Healing Art Project), a nonprofit that provides in-hospital art experiences for sick children and a space in the Pearl District -- the Art Factory -- to host open art "play" during weekends and daily throughout the holiday season. We'll be making Valentines with our kids and hope you can come too!

1030 NW Marshall
Saturday, February 6
3 - 5 p.m.

Please let us know if you plan to come in the comments; we'll be picking up the $5/child tab for those urbanMama families who join in.


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Planning to be there!

The (2) boys and I will be there with bells on! Can't wait to get all glittery and make some valentines :-)

Yes, one kid and one mama.

Wonderful idea! Another kid and mama will be there.

What fun! Thanks for organizing such a great event. Please add one mom and 3 kids to the mix.

Yay, we'd love to come. One mom and 3 kids. the youngest is 18 months. Maybe she's free?


Thanks, mamas! I'd love to come. 2 parents and 2 children (one is 5 months old).

Sounds great! One Mama, one girlie. Thanks for organizing!

Just what I've been looking for! One mom and 1 three year old.

2 more moms and 2 more 3 year olds.

Sign us up, please--me + two girls (5.5, 2.5). Great idea, thanks for doing it!

Sigh us up! 1 more Momma and 1 3 year old!

We'd like to come! 1 mama and 2 kids (5.5yr and 2.5yr)

I will try to make it with two kids in tow.

That's going to be fun.. I will try to be there with my 3yr. old son..

We are going to try and come Myself, and 2 year old! Thanks I have been wanting to check them out. Can hubbys come too? He likes crafts as well.

One mama and one 3 1/2.

fun! one mama and one 3 1/2 year old

Add one more mama and 3 yr old!

would love to come. Myself and my 3 1/2 year old little girl.

I would like to attend this event with my 3 year old son. Thanks!

would love to come with my son- is 19 mos too young?

Me + 2 kiddos

the three boys and i are planning to come! wow, it'll be packed :)

I'll bring 2 kids--1 age 6 and 1 age 2.

anonamama: I don't think 19 mos is too young, but he probably will need a lot of assistance :)

I am so sorry! It looks like we won't be able to come after all.

Possibly another mama and 3 year old. Are we making these for ourselves or for children in hospital? Either way will be fun. Just curious.

I hope we can make it myslef and 2yr old and 3 month old girls.

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