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Bambino Mio Diapering System: Have you tried this or other hybrid-diapers?

There are many Portland-based diapering systems that we love to support, gDiapers probably being one great option for those who want a sort of hybrid cloth-disposable diapering system.  Are there any other options for those mamas and papas who don't or can't go "all cloth"?  An urbanMama recently emailed:

I used disposable diapers with #1 because I could never get the hang of the cloth diapers, OK I'm just too lazy to do all that washing.  I tried the gDiapers at various points with my son too, but - again - found I had a bunch of liners and covers sitting for days in a stinky bucket because the disposable part would always squish up in the liner and I'd end up with poop/pee all over anyway. Soooooo, I'm wondering if anyone has tried the "new" Bambino Mio system of cloth diapering?

I would personally love to hear more about Bambino Mio, too.  My sister-in-law has just registered for this diapering system, and I'd love to hear more about it before we gift it to her.

From the uM archives: How do YOU cloth?


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I'm a stay at home momma of 2 boys under age 2 and I'm all cloth. For some reason, I don't mind the cloth diaper laundry like I detest our regular laundry. I think cause the diapers are all so flipping cute and I know they have such a benefit to the boys over the alternative...

Anyway, the only "hybrid" diaper system I've ever used is gDiapers (which actually got me to go fully to cloth because I found it just as messy getting those disposable liners out of the reusable cloth part...) but this online diaper shop, Kelly's Closet, has a couple of other options, one called GroBaby, which I think is a Colorado company, and the other is called Flip, which I think is in Minnesota or somewhere... http://www.kellyscloset.com/Hybrid-Diapers_c_859.html

I write about cloth diapers a LOT on my blog, http://secretmommy.blogspot.com (click on the "cloth diapers" link on the left side) if anyone wants to start cloth diapering and needs more info. Also, Paula at Babyworks here in Portland offers TONS and TONS of information to prospective cloth diaperers. She helped me so much! Her website is http://babyworks.com and she's got lots of helpful info about the cost of washing your own cloth dipes, how to wash, etc.

I'm in the process of launching a business that might sell these diapers. I've talked a lot with the product rep and read various reviews. I've used cloth dipes with my son, so I'm pretty dubious when something new comes out on the market. Overall, the reviews are great on this product. The prefold is a multi-layer muslin diaper as opposed to the more thick Chinese pre-fold diapers. They seem to be very absorbent. The only complaint I've read about is the feel of the cover, that it might feel less cloth-like.

All in all, they are essentially a pre-fold diaper and cover, that happens to be marketed as a 'system'. The 'system' makes it easier for families new to cloth diapering to wrap their heads around, rather than, "Okay, so I need this thing and that thing...".

I think that rather than buying the system, see if you can buy one set: a pre-fold and a cover. Try, wash, and see if it works for you. This is really the case with any diapering system - ultimately it needs to work with your child, your lifestyle, and your budget.

I am with Secret Mommy, I fully cloth my boys and have no problem doing the extra load of laundry every couple days. I once tried the gdiapers and hated the disposable liners. I ended up just using a prefold in the covers (I love the gdiaper covers).

I am a full cloth mama, also, but I have just discovered gDipes. I use them with prefolds, gCloth, and other kinds of inserts for a full cloth system.

I am interested in Mio Bambino, though, and how they compare to gDipes. We have friends, who are not full clothers, trying to compare Mio and G and any other "hybrid" systems.

I am really interested in this - I started out with cloth with my first. We had tidee didee for 6 months. then when it came to washing them myself, it just got hard with work and school, they would pile up and I ended up going disposable for convenience. I also felt that the cloth were so bulky we had to go up in clothes size and he was a big baby to begin with. I gave the gdipes a go, but felt that wash-wise they were the same as cloth. I am pg with my second now and really would like to try cloth again - would love to hear options, advice. Thanks

I use Bambino Mios and am happy to answer any questions!

Hey Melaina. We use cloth part-time -- prefolds with Bummis covers. My complaint is the fit. I have to dress her in much larger pants when she is wearing cloth. It's also hard to find pants that will fit, even if I go up a size. They just seem to ride down her padded bottom. I would probably use cloth 100 percent of the time if I could find a pair of jeans that would fit over her cloth dipes. I'm pregnant now and would like to go 100 percent cloth with the next babe. Are the Bambino Mios thinner, like the second poster suggests?

Hey everyone,
Thanks for this feedback. I'm the original poster and still haven't decided what I'm going to do. I just had my baby pre-term so am just trying to remember how to even put clothes on a wiggly little being. I think I may go ahead and get one set of the Bambino Mio's and see how it goes. ANd I'll definitely be looking up the cloth diaper helper people because it still confounds me. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Congrats on your baby! My first advice would be to relax, heal, and enjoy that fresh baby smell. Then after around a month you can start thinking about your options again. If you want another perspective, I wrote about this topic on my blog recently, feel free to contact me if you have more questions.


Congrats again!

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