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We ask: what can urbanMamas do for YOU?

As we enter a new year and a new decade, we enter yet another year of urbanMamas.com.  Started in 2004, a handful of mamas decided to throw this resource together to help mamas connect, share experiences, lend feedback, and more.  There has been SO much we have tackled here on uM: from our varied searches for the right pediatrician, OB/Gyn, midwives or doulas, to finding the right childcare or schools.  We also talk about diversity, papahood, cereal, neighborhoods, and - of course - biking.  We have shared our stories; we're family now.

We are just a handful of mamas trying to grow our little community of sharing.  We are not alone in our quests as [vegan, single, carless, adoptive, lesbian, partnered, (sub)urban] mamas. 

So, we'd like to know: Has urbanMamas served you well?  How can it serve you better?  Different conversations?  Different features?  Different format?  What can we do better?  Do you tweet with us?  Are we friends on facebook?  Do you come out to w(h)ine nights or coffee playdates or clothing/toy/post holiday swaps or working mama lunches?  Should we do more in-person urbanMama gatherings?  Which particular get-togethers are most appealing for you?

Well, we can't promise we can deliver, but we can sure try!  And, please be gentle with your constructive criticism.  I, for one, am a bit sensitive and groggy in my postpartum state.  As always, if you think there is something you can help us with, feel free to volunteer to take on a job or two to help keep our community going and growing.


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Thanks for asking...I'd like a Tucson edition of urbanMamas, please! I miss you guys like crazy, and while I still read regularly and benefit from the dialogues, oh how I wish Tucson had the same kind of online community! No hurry, just when you get around to it... :)

Just wanted to say thank you!!! I check in on the website almost daily, and I often use the search feature for past topics. I like the format and offerings. For me personally, I'd love an area like the 'schools' one for preschools and daycares--but that would just be gravy! The site really is fantastic!

I have been very happy the wonderful resource that urbanMamas is. I am constantly checking here for advice. It would be nice if there were more opportunities to meet fellow urbanMamas here in Portland. Thanks for all you do to make this site possible!

I'd like to see more support as far as playgroups/mama get togethers in various locations in PDX, specifically NoPo. I just moved up here and I am feeling a bit isolated!

Seems like it's getting better all the time, actually. Thanks for being open to new ideas.

Love it! Wish it was just a tad bit easier to search for info or see the list of categories on the website. Otherwise it has been really helpful.

I've been an (sub)urban mama since it's beginnings in 2004 when my first child was an infant. As my family and children have grown, UrbanMamas has been right there to serve my needs for community, advice and friendship as they've changed throughout the years. I value that you offer something for everyone no matter what stage of mama-ness you're in.

If I had to ask for something it would be for more opportunities in the burbs (west side mama) to attend events, get involved or meet other suburban mamas. There's still many of us out there that have an urban mama in us, but we're geographically on the other side of the hill.

Thank you all for building and sharing with this community. It's been awesome to know you - here and in real life. I'm totally enjoying contributing to Activistas and adding to this community as I get so much from it.

I really love the discussions/questions and resources such as the weekend roundups. I've never made it to an in-person gathering but it's great to know that they exist.

One question does come to mind. Is there a reason that most of you (except for Sarah, right?) post as "urbanmamas" instead of your names? I have no problem with the anonymity/group identity but sometimes feel that I am supposed to know who it's coming from and do wonder a bit about the lovely individuals and their specific context behind the Urban Mamas. Thanks you for all that you do here!

Thanks for the post holiday swap. I had a great time and got a couple of things I really needed.

I no longer have little kids but I do live in Sw Portland, a section of Portland that does get "out of the loop" sometimes. Help us here keep our eyes open for cool events all around town.

Thank you so much for a great resource! I've always wondered how to send in a question that might be posted on the main page. And can it be sent anonymously? Some topics are kind of sensitive. Thank you

I love the idea of facilitating the meeting of parents with similar aged kids for playgroups. We've got a 3 yo and a 19 mo old, and we'd love to connect with other families in the same boat!

Maybe a WOHMs with SAHD/Ps group would be nice, too.

I simply could not pass up this opportunity to just say THANK YOU for the mamas who started this incredible resource. I have been reading (and doing what I can to contribute) on UMamas since right after its conception- this includes an 18 month stint outside of Oregon!
I want to commend you on your awareness of open-mindedness; you do a tremendous job of balancing group respect and freedom of expression.
Being a parent (single, mother, father, urban, suburban, etc, etc) can be so overwhelming at times. Urbanmamas is the closest I can think of if ever there was such a thing as a positive crutch. I have turned to UMamas for infant sleep advice, biking wisdom, babysitter/care center referrals, blending families...the list goes on.
I cannot help but marvel at the constructive usage UMamas has made of modern technology. We don't own a television or use many battery operated toys in our home but the online community that the women of UMamas (both the founders and the subsequent participants) has created has connected me to a city full of local, supportive parents. It truly is a beautiful thing.

So, to the core of women who are "Urbanmamas", thank you; sincerely, thank you.
To the greater populous of those who consider ourselves UMamas as well, keep throwing in your two cents. If Urbanmamas has shown me anything, its that when we all throw it into a collective pool, the value multiplies infinitely.

Be well.

I love Urban Mamas too! Thank you for providing such a great resource to our community. I also love the Facebook sharing...I have seen lots of great resources passed along through that application.

NoPo mama...check out Swap-n-Play! Lots of mamas are connecting there. http://swapnplay.org/

Ditto on the Big Thanks!

You mamas really show how connect and create community. Friendships are vital, and the values we share are important to nurture.
I co-chair the CityMamas affinity group, and know how important it is to have a social support network.

I made it to the swap on Saturday, and would like to see a swap about 3 times a year (Courtney and I talked about having one after the holidays, one before Memorial Day and one after Labor Day) I'd love to see more events co-hosted.

Thanks again for all you give to this community.

UrbanMamas.com is an amazing community resource. Thanks so much to all of you who make it happen.

My only question is an echo of Mama Without Instructions above:
Is there a reason that most of you post anonymously? Even if you used pen names, it would be nice to see who is posting what. And there really do seem to be such unique, compelling voices that deserve recognition!

Hello everyone. It's me, Olivia, one of the core/founder urbanMamas, and the one that posted under the generic author name of "urbanMamas".

First off, I want to thank you all for contributing to our community. We wouldn't have such a vital resource without all of you contributing so much thought and perspective to almost all of our conversations. There are many mamas out there who email us every day who let us know how much they appreciate hearing the perspective, how they feel so much less alone. And, really, that is why we started uM. I felt alone when I moved here 6 years ago. I had also just given birth to my second child. It was overwhelming, and reaching out and making friends, both online and in-person, helped me an indescribable amount. SO thank you. All of you who continue to email, continue the conversation, and give us ideas on how to keep the site going, growing and changing.

Just one quick response to the question about why I often will post under the generic "urbanMamas" title. My moments spent on this side-gig are numbered. My personal account "olivia" doesn't have all the admin capabilities as the main "urbanMamas" account, so instead of logging in as me and writing as me, then logging out and back in as "urbanmamas", I just do everything under "urbanmamas". Easier, and there can only be one master admin account.

Since I am the only founding/core uM that has girls, I always figure that if you read a post that starts with... "my girls said one day...", you'd know it's me. And it is! But I also have a boy now. SO MUCH has changed since we started this site 6 years ago.

So, thanks again for the thoughts so far, and please keep them coming. We are jazzed in the new year and we are going to try to see if we can do more in coming months.

I read this site almost everyday. As a full-time work outside home mom with two kids, I don't have any time to really physically connect with other parents. This site helps me stay sane, laugh, think, and get ideas about how other parents think. I especially appreciate the "devil's advocate" voices who post on this site. Please keep writing in. I've learned a thing or two from you all!

Above all, I appreciate how the conversations on UM are always thoughtfully-worded, supportive, and respective, even when they are passionate and heated.

I have to say thanks for keeping the past discussion - I found my midwife thanks to an UM thread and couldn't have been happier. In fact, we just had our baby yesterday and she was great! Thanks.

Congratulations, KateC!!

My thought is that urbanMamas has been more like a white cain, than a crutch!
I did not have a single Mama friend when I began parenthood.
When I first got on this crazy fun rollercoaster, there was that moment... when it just started to make it's first descent. I was looking for the escape hatch, and then suddenly, breathtakingly altered.....UrbanMamas has kept me from throwing up on the person next to me!

I teach prenatal breastfeeding classes. When new Mamas ask me what they will need, I always say, "Just boobs and diapers (unless you are ECing)...oh, and urbanMamas". I don't actually say that, but you are on the top of a short list of best resources.

Thanks, ladies. You Rock!

I'd also like to thank you for this blog. I moved here from the Washington, DC area a few years ago and have found urbanMamas to be a helpful local resource. I have emailed you with this feedback before, but I'll say here as well that the one thing I wish I could do through this site - and that keeps me continuing to frequent DC Urban Moms and Dads - is the ability to post messages myself (and receive responses) instantaneously in more of a message board/forum format such as this: http://www.dcurbanmom.com/jforum/forums/list.page
That said, I do appreciate all the time and effort that you all put into urbanMamas.com given that you do this in addition to your day jobs! Thanks so much for asking for our feedback.

I, too, have a similar story. I've been with you all since moving to Portland in 2005.
I've been less frequent in my postings in the last year or two, but always, always check in. You all have touched me and helped me...I've equally agreed and disagreed completely. I feel so grateful to have this resource. At some point I'd love to make it out to a face to face:)

Keep up the good work. I can't imagine there could be much to improve on.

I'd love to volunteer to help out, let me know how!

Another voice of gratitude here. I've been participating here for almost five years and the resource continues to be invaluable. Can't give you enough praise and thanks.

My dream: I would love to see a larger effort to welcome uPapas to this site. I recognize and value how inclusive your language is in your posts; I'm thinking of other stuff ranging from a masthead redesign that includes a reference to dads ("...and papas, too!" cheesy, but you get the idea) to hosting a handful of uPapas who want to write their own content.

This website has been so helpful. especially recently as I am researching preschools for my son- i am glad you have a search tool. Would be cool to have more subject headings/categories- preschools, elementary schools, mid, high schools etc.

i-Phone app! I am SW mama and organizer of the working mama lunches and new runner group. I am willing to organize a w(h)ine night or coffee play date in the SW area/suburbs. I try to set something up in Feb.

First off, Thank-You! This site has been SO helpful to me and my family. I started reading in 2007, when my husband and I learned we'd be moving up here from California. We found a fantastic pediatrician because of this site!
We moved from Portland to Vancouver over a year ago, so I would LOVE to see Vancouver being included more in the "goings-on". Of course, nothing in Portland is too far from us, but it would be great to see what's happening in our own back-yard.
I'd even be interested in being the 'Couve correspondent if you want one :)
Thanks again for all of your hard work!

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