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Reminder: Working Mama Lunch and Location Change

Don’t forget our working mama lunch is on Thursday, January 28 @ 12:30. LOCATION CHANGE: Red Star Tavern located @ 503 SW Alder (www.redstartavern.com). Mother’s could not accommodate our large (21+) party at 12:30. With a party this size, Red Star will automatically add 18% to the bill and requires one check. Reply in comments only if you are unable to attend or would like to attend but have yet to RSVP. Can make changes to the reservation until noon on Wednesday, January 27. Reservation under Courtney/urbanMamas. See you Thursday.


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Hi Courtney - Unfortunately I was just scheduled to be in a training session at 1:30 so I won't be able to make it. Hope there's another soon! Have fun!

Hi. now that its 12:30 instead of 12 i can make it...thanks!

I really wanted to join you all, but can't make it this time. Is there a way to get on an email list to get notified of when you'll have another?

Hi Courtney,

I would like to join on Thursday if there is still room for one more?



Sorry - I now need to opt out.

thanks, Liz

Last minute RSVP - count me in please. Thanks! - Cam

Courtney - it's even more last-minute than Cam, but I'm planning on coming... don't worry if I don't make the reservation, I can always just pullup a chair! See you Ladies on Thursday!

So sorry I can no longer make it!! I'll look forward to the next one though.
Have fun ladies!!

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