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new decade, new resolutions

I've never been much for resolutions, but something about this whole new decade, coming as it does in the middle of some new opportunities for my family (my husband just received his security clearance for the Army Reserves and may soon be deployed, for one) and in this administration of Change-with-a-capital-C, has me feeling hopeful and new. What are you resolving this year? Here are some ideas from our own resolutions, now and in the past, to get you going:


Snuggle time with babies is worth everything. New babies, like new years, are a chance to start anew: for this life, give all the love we can muster, and then some.

Enjoy these moments, and see as many of them as we can. Through the craziness of life, open our eyes, see the beauty of the sweet small things.

Write letters. Handwritten notes may be fading away; I vow to help reverse that trend. Hand-delivery is good, too.

Start a conversation. Stop and say hello; knock on a door; set a special time just to chat; get mamas together for a salon. Talk, listen, converse.

Eat mindfully, cook more. Local, sustainable, humane, organic, from scratch. Clear out the pantry. Add one vegetable seed to your garden. Switch to whole grains. Reduce sugar. Whatever your decision, vow to eat with your eyes wide open.

Share a meal; show your love with food. For a special occasion, a new baby, a holiday, or just a week that's not quite so busy: invite friends over, or bring food to them. Ask someone to dinner, or lunch, or for zucchini bread. Bring a jar of jam to a neighbor. Make soup.


Run as fast as we can. Whatever our pace, in races or just out with some friends, strive to run more, run faster.


Organize something. Put toys in bins, clean out the fridge, file my old photos, finally clean my office. An ordered home helps bring order to my brain and peace to my heart.


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Great ideas! Thanks!

Thank you, thank you for sharing and reminding me that New Years resolutions/goals need not be lofty! My goal is to "simplify" especially with the wee one getting older that means I can start purging all of the baby stuff. It's going to feel really good.

I love these tips and ideas. I feel like my goals to purge, simplify, enjoy even the smallest moments with the children, handwriting notes (!) are never ending. This year, I have two new *just ME* resolutions - 1) [re-]learn a chopin piece on the piano and 2) read a book. It is embarrassing how long it's been since I read a book.

I do all of these already except the running now. I don't get the running. When moms in my neighborhood run so much... I think "what are they running from?" It makes me want to check behind them for lions, tigers or bears.

Good resolutions! These are all ways to live a better life everyday! My resolutions are not as dreamy: be to work on time (first day failed), quit caffeine (so far so good as long as chocolate doesn't count), and stop consuming dairy (this will be hard since I'm the only person in our family doing it). Oh, and of course the requisite resolution of eat healthy/excerise more/lose weight...but this time my motivation to get healthier is a bit more driven since I'm holding a "future pregnancy" carrot over my head. :)

Happy New Year!!

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