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Had it with BPA? Tell Salem to ban it already.

DSCN0229 I don't know about you, but I've been angry about bisphenol-A (BPA) for years (literally). It's in our bodies, in food and beverage containers (among other things, like retail receipts), and it ain't good for us.  Especially babies (and pregnant women).  The U.S. FDA *finally* acknowledged some concern about this toxic chemical a few weeks back, but plans to study it for a few more years before doing anything more than studying it - some more.  Well I for one don't have time to wait.

Which is why I'm so thrilled about Oregon Senate Bill 1032, which would phase the toxic chemical out of all reusable food and beverage containers (think: baby bottles and sippy cups) and formula cans and baby food jars (single use) intended for children under 3.  'Bout time.

You can help pass this bill - it's easy!

If we don't tell our state legislators that we're tired of BPA and support this bill, how will they know how important it is to us?  Simple: they won't.  So here's what you can do:

  1. Email your state representative and senator NOW (just need your zip code).
  2. Better yet, call 'em.  All you have to say is, "Hi my name is ________ and I urge the representative/senator to vote YES on SB 1032 to ban BPA.  Thank you."  It's that simple. And that quick.  Get the phone numbers here.
  3. Join us this Thursday in Salem to show our legislators how much we want this.  Activistas will be there from 1 to 3 PM to "pack the hearing room."  Thanks to the Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) for bringing this bill so far and spearheading this grassroots effort.
  4. Join OEC's Healthy Kids Network to stay current on action opportunities  - and their excellent eco-healthy home tips.

Industry lobbyists want this bill to fail.  Do you?


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thank you for this post!! I called both of mine in less than five minutes total. Both of them support the bill and were glad to hear from a constituent. I let them know how much their vote meant to me. Thank you so much for this valuable information!

Unfortuantely it wouldn't let me e-mail on the website you linked to. Said it's not available in my area? Inner NE? That's odd.


you can e-mail your legislators from here

Thanks so much for posting this, especially the links! I emailed both of mine.

Thanks for posting the links and info- I will go ahead and e-mail them as well. I am so sick of things that are (or are potentially) harmful in our baby/child products. It should be a no-brainer to ban it already!

Thanks for posting this and helping inform people! I already submitted my comments through OEC as I also volunteer with them.

I just wanted to point out that the Green2Grow bottles in the picture of this post are BPA-free...you don't want to confuse people and have them think these safe bottles are bad since there is no caption. These should be the plastic bottles that people do buy!

Thank you! It took two minutes to send an email.

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