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Seeking Recommendations for Divorce Attorney

We have before talked about how to approach separation while still remaining engaged co-parents.  We have yet to seek your recommendations for a divorce attorney, however.  An urbanMama recently emails:

I am in need of finding a really good divorce attorney.  I tried to settle this nicely, but my ex is threatening me financially and emotionally, therefore I feel like I need solid representation.  I know this community is an invaluable resource and I'm hoping on finding information from others who have gone through this experience and if anything can recommend a helpful and strong attorney.


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I'm sorry to hear your husband is pressing you into pulling out the big guns. My husband and his firm are strong and really good. Good luck.

Mike McGrath

I have experience with a few attorneys, and can recommend no one more highly than Marshal Spector of Yates, Matthews & Eaton. He has represented me for the past year and a half in a family law dispute with my former spouse (he represents clients in both divorce and subsequent family law matters), and has been compassionate, ethical, and unerringly supportive throughout the process. He is a fine man, in addition to being a fine attorney. Add to this the fact that he has a sterling professional reputation and is renowned for settling cases as amicably and reasonably as possible outside the courtroom. You'll find him at: http://www.yatesmatthews.com/ Best of luck to you during this difficult process.

Robin Runstein at Kell, Alterman & Runstein. She and I work at the firm Kell, Alterman & Runstein. http://www.kelrun.com/ourFirm.htm

I used Carol Westendorff, many years ago. My divorce was very amicable and simple but she was recommended to me by someone who had a very difficult one.

My divorce was relatively amicable, so we went through The Divorce Shoppe in Sellwood, which has an attorney on hand to consult with both parties:

But when it looked like it wasn't going to go amicably, I talked with two different lawyers at Gevurtz Menashe. I think all they do is family law there, so they are definitely the experts. And I have heard of other families using them as well.

i really like chip gazzola, of gazzola & hull - and other attorneys have said good things about him too.

My husband, who is an attorney, seconds Gervurtz Manashe. They specialize in family law and are known as the best in Portland.

I had an incrediable attorney, who helped me through an emotional divorce. She even ended up referring me to a great counsler who helped my son & me through some things. The counselor also works with divorced parents to help with family things. The attorney is: Nicole Dearing, 503-222-9350, located on NE 33rd. The counseler is: Adam Furchner, 503-284-2889, located on NE Weidler or look at www.mediate.com/Furchner

I highly, highly recommend Susan Watts of Kennedy, Watts, Arellano, and Ricks downtown portland. Super experienced, Super nice.

Jody Stahancyk. Or anyone at her firm. They are class acts and the very best.

I also had Nicole Deering, she was wonderful. My ex and I each had attorneys yet went through mediation with Michael Dwyer. It was not an easy process but they were both helpful, fair and realistic.

If your marriage is in danger and your spouse are suggesting a divorce, we must look for yourself and go to a divorce lawyer. Better be prepared than be sorry and regret all is not fast enough.

When searching for the right divorce attorney, it is extremely important to know that a good divorce lawyer is not necessarily the right attorney for you. Every case is different. What matters the most is to choose an attorney experienced in handling divorce cases. Also, opt for a divorce lawyer who has the ability to communicate effectively with you.

I had excellent luck with Brittle & Brittle P.C. http://www.brittle-law.com. It is a husband and wife law firm, but they also have another attorney working for them. They gave me a ton of information right off the bat when I first met with them, and they also had both Adam and Jill present for the first meeting. Fortunately, my divorce was not very contentious and they helped me get a good settlement that was fair. Adam took lead on my case, but I often spoke with Jill. They were really good about keeping me informed.

I've heard all kinds of horror stories about how much some divorces can cost, and I can say that my cost was completely reasonable. I would recommend.

My ex-husband used Chip Gazzola: he did a better job than my attorney, David Gearing.

They kept handing me off to the newest attorney on staff, and let my ex get away with marital murder.

Always sorry to hear about an ugly divorce situation. Feel free to give my husband a call. He's a family law attorney and would be happy to talk with you.
503.893.2529 | www.gilbertfamilylaw.net

Another vote here for Brittle & Brittle P.C. Jill Brittle was my attorney throughout my divorce, but both Adam and Jill met with me the very first time I went to their office. I actually ended up firing my prior attorney at Gervurtz Manashe. At Gevurtz they never listened to me and charged me an arm and aleg but I did not see any results for my thousands of dollars. When I went to Jill Brittle, she immediately took control of my case. My ex's husband was a real jerk, but Jill handled it professionally. My case was back on track and we actually ended up doing great at trial. Although they are much smaller than some of Portland's big firms, Brittle & Brittle understands customer service, is reasonably priced, and got the result I was hoping for. 503-445-1575

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