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Post-Vaccine: Are they sick, sluggish & down-right cranky?

We have shared plenty of thoughts our approaches to vaccinations.  Plenty of thoughts.  We are a pro-vaccination family.  Yesterday, our newest babe had a round of shots.  Poor little thing.  Wailed like he didn't know what hit him.  Today, we shared a tough, tough day; the babe was so needy, so fussy, so whimpery.  I don't know why it occurred to me just now: could it be the vaccines?  If you've chosen to vaccinate, have your child(ren) responded to the vaccines?  Perhaps with a low-grade fever?  With a bit of lethargy?  With a down-right crankiness?


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My 4 year old was totally fine with the vaccine, but my 7 year old, two days after, came down with a high fever. Then, half way through the day, he threw up and then, was instantly fine. The fever went from 102 to 98 within the 1/2 hour.

I got the vaccine a few days ago and the same exact thing happened to me....except that I got really tired as well and slept for about 12 hours straight...

I still think it's worth it. The stronger your reaction, the more intensely, apparently, you would have gotten the flu...

My daughter had slight fevers with the first two rounds of shots as an infant, but as she's gotten older no problems at all. We do all the shots our pediatrician recommends except for flu.

Our 3rd kid always has low couple of days after vaccinations (very sore leg, tired, cranky), but kids 1, 2, and 4 sail right through them.

My three pretty much sail right through. We get some crankiness, but nothing to really phone home about. We've had a couple of slight fevers, but to be honest, I usually hit them with Tylenol before getting the shots, just to make things more comfy. One of my kids did get the huge red lump by one of her vaccine sites when she was 2, and the same kid got a spotty rash after the MMR (normal side effect), but again, nothing major.

When they were infants, I always hoped the upside of vaccines might be that they sleep through a night after getting them. Nope - never happened here. They just kept on their normal schedules.

Ugh. I delayed for a bit with my first and he was fine. I just started with my second. What a nightmare...he fell asleep after the shots, woke up two hours later with a bright red swollen leg and literally screamed for two hours and continued to have similar episodes for a week. At one point I was holding him and I swear I saw/felt a slight tremor in his head. I will be filing VAERS forms with the CDC and, after discussion with our wonderful doctor, we are discontinuing vaccines for now. I was and still am completely freaked out by what happened. Go with your gut and please report any side effects to the CDC.

Oh, and for what it's worth, he seems fine now but I'm not okay with what happened and I'm certain it was vaccine related.

V - Who is your wonderful doctor? I'm expecting my first and am interested in finding a pediatrician who doesn't push the conventional line on vaccinating, but rather will talk with parents about it like the parents' considerations are valid.

When our oldest was a baby he had a very severe reaction to one of his vaccinations. It was so frightening, very bad fever for two days. We called our Pediatrician and we were told it was a normal reaction. A little fever is normal after a vaccination but not a high one like that. I still get sick every time I think about it. I agree with V, "go with your gut."

My understanding is that when you get a vaccine your body is working to build up an immunity to what was just injected. So, while you may be tired, sore, have a slight fever, this is all in response to the immune system working and doing it's job. When people say that they have got sick from their flu vaccine it is actually that they have caught something else while their body is working hard to create immunity to the recent injection.

Sabrina had one of those scream for an hour, not comforted with nursing reactions with her 2 month shots. It didn't last long enough to be concerned.

We have not done very many vaccines for my three year old (and none yet for my 5 month old) but the ones we have done with our first have all been fine, no reaction except the MMR. She has one dose of that around her third birthday and was very cranky and feverish for about 3-4 days after. I think that vaccine in particular has a higher incidence of that type of reaction because it had whole (I think killed or weakened) viruses in it so the body has a bigger immune response to it. We recently all got the Flumist for H1N1 and had no reaction at all, and no shot either which was great. I wish more vaccines could be administered that way.
So far we have only given one vaccine at a time to minimize the severity of discomfort/fever etc for her later. We are lucky that we have Kaiser insurance and you can go in anytime and get a vaccine without an appointment at Nurse Services (or something like that) so it makes it easier to space them however you want without having a bunch of pediatrician appointments.

my daughter had all of her shots on schedule. She got a little fussy afterward when she was little. Now that she's older, she tells us that her leg is sore, which I'm pretty sure was the root of the fussiness all along. The only serious reaction she ever got was a minor case of chicken pox from the vaccine, which was given with two other shots and right before getting on a plane in the middle of December. Not how I would do it given another chance. Regardless, they do give the shots in the muscles, which can be very sore and achy for the next day or so, so some Tylenol and extra coddling should help.

My kids were vaxed on a slow schedule... the shots doled out one by one so I could gauge any reaction. One baby did just fine, the other would wail and cry pitifully for hours. Good luck to you.

My child's naturopathic recommended that we set a slow schedule for vaccines, giving just one at a time. She feels that the odds of potential negative affects go up exponentially when multiple vaccinations are given at once. We took that info to our MD who was happy to vaccinate on the schedule we chose.

Hi, there! Our doctor is Dr. Diedre Donovan with OHSU Family Medicine on the south waterfront. She practices integrative medicine and is wonderful. I would highly recommend her!

We are vaccinating on a slow schedule, one at a time. Our baby is usually cranky and clingy for a day or two after.

I think the Vaccine Book and companion website are great sources of info, and they have a list of 'vaccine friendly' health care providers on the site: http://www.askdrsears.com/thevaccinebook/index.asp.

My son is 19 months now and doesn't seem to have any side effects from vaccines, but for his first 6 months, each appt. that included shots made him very cranky and just pitifully upset. The only thing that ever soothed him (we tried gripe water, warm baths, snuggling, nursing, etc.) was just skin to skin contact between me and him for a few hours before he would fall asleep that night. By the next morning he would always be back to his old self.

We gave my son's first round of shots on schedule, and he was cranky, fussy, and had a low fever. After that first round, we started giving one shot at a time (spaced by a couple weeks each). It was sometimes inconvenient going to the doctor's multiple times in a month, but worth it -- he stopped having any reaction to the shots.

Three kids, all had the routine vaccination schedules, no major side affects besides general fussiness for a couple of days. I always attributed it to being sore afterward, just like I am after I get a shot. Nothing a little Tylenol couldn't take care of.

My just-turned-five-year-old broke out in hives after getting the polio vaccine. She'd never reacted this way to any other vaccine. It started slowly in one leg (the same one where she got the shot), then the other, then her stomach and back, and then her arms, neck, and face. It was pretty scary. This took place over several days. We brought her back to the doctor and she didn't think that it had anything to do with the vaccine, but thought it was instead a virus. I really doubted her diagnosis...

We did all vaccines on schedule and my daughter was usually wiped out and fussy for a couple of days afterwards along with a low grade fever. We started dosing with tylenol prior to a shot and then for one day afterwards and have noticed a great improvement....I still follow this routine for all vaccinations and she is 6 now.

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