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Post Holiday and New Year Swap

Have a holiday decoration that always goes back in the bin, but never on the mantle? Made some stockings 10 years ago when learning to sew, but now have much nicer quilted ones from your mother in law? Have 20 cookie cutters and only use five? Recovering from the candle phase?  Trying to purge the toys and clothes for the New Year?  Us, too.
So let’s swap and then donate! When taking down your decorations and cleaning out the closets, keep a bin or bag to swap. What's not swapped will be donated to the Community Warehouse.  
When: Saturday, January 9 Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Where: Milagros Boutique (Community Room) 5429 Northeast 30th Avenue @ Killingsworth

Bring what you want to swap on Saturday. If needed, we might be able to have a couple drop of sites in SE and/or SW, but would prefer to keep it simple and do it all at the event.  Thank you to Milagros for last minute hosting duties.  

Happy cleaning.


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Happy to host this event, swaps are always fun and Community Warehouse is a wonderful community asset. Hope to see you all there!

Happy New Year!

Great idea! I won't be able to attend, but would like to send a bag-o-stuff with someone is going. If you work in the 1900 Bldg and are planning to attend, let me know. Mindy (3-7831)

Great idea!
Love the Community Warehouse. But they don't take clothes or toys - try the Children's Relief Nursery.

We can split the donations. Thanks for the heads up.

Baby and little kid supplies are welcomed greatly at the Letty Owings Center — for single women who are pregnant or with children 5 yrs and younger.
[Central City Concern] 2545 NE Flanders Street, Portland, Oregon 97232 — 503-235-3546

Is the swap focused only on "Christmasy" items? I have 10 or more modern glass flower vases that I used to use during big gatherings, which we never have anymore. Also, I have a giant bag of really neat decorative balls made of things like pods, sisal, etc.

I was thinking of bringing them in addition to the holiday swap items, but if there'd be no takers, then I could drop them off at Scrap instead.

Bring whatever you have! Thanks!

I can't wait to pass along several unused stockings. Thanks for organizing Courtney!

Do I have to be a member of this group? or can I just join in? I have cute flower vases and other nice home decor things that I not longer use and of course a few christmas stuff too.

No 'membership'. Come on over and spread the word to friends and family.

I posted this on the Portland tribe at Mothering, too. Swaps, forever!

i am sooo bummed I missed this!! next year for sure!!

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