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Nutcracker Round-Up 2009

It's that time of year again.  For many families, watching a Nutcracker production is part of the holiday ritual.  The Oregon Ballet Theatre, of course, offers the premier show in town, but ticket prices are at a premium.  OBT's proudction runs throughout the season, from December 12 through the 27th, with shows on Thursdays (shows at 7:30), Fridays (shows at 7:30), Saturdays (shows at 2pm and 7:30pm), and Sundays (shows at 1pm and 5:30pm).  From what we can tell, tickets run from $17 to $130.  This year, OBT is offering the opportunity to sponsor a child and send him/her to see the show for $15.

How about some other productions and dance companies?  Here is what we've found so far.  Feel free to add others we missed and check out last year's round up, too.

  • Columbia Dance performs December 18 through the 20th with shows at 7pm (Friday), 2pm and 7pm (Saturday), and 1pm and 5pm (Sunday).  Peformance to be held at the Royal Durst Theatre in Vancouver, WA; tickets are $15 (adults) and $10 (children under 12).  12/18 thru 20. Vancouver
  • Vancouver Dance Theatre performs this weekend, December 4 through the 6th with shows at 7pm (Friday, and Sunday) and 2pm (Saturday and Sunday).  Performance to be held at Fort Vancouver High School; tickets are $15 (adults) and $10 (children under 18).  They even have a discount coupon on the website!
  • Classical Balley Academy performs this weekend also, December 5 and 6 with shows at 2:30pm (Sat and Sun) and 7pm (Saturday only).  Performance to be held at St. Mary's Academy (downtown PDX); tickets are $17 (adults) and $12 (children under 9).
  • NW Dance Theatre presents the "Nutcracker Tea" December 18 through 20 with sows at 7pm (Friday and Saturday), 1pm (Sunday), 2 (Saturday), and 5PM (Sunday).  Performance to be held at PCC Sylvania; tickets range from $10 to $26.   Complimentary refreshments to be served!


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I just discovered and bought tickets to DO JUMP's production of "Tiger Lilly and Sunny Lu" which plays until Jan 3. It's human acrobats creating "a one room feline circus"! Tickets are $20 for kids and $32 for adults.


Is there a better performance to take a 4 year old girl to? Ideally, we wouldn't pay a fortune. Any help would be appreciated!

I am taking my daughter to the OBT Christmas Eve performance. I bought my tickets for HALF PRICE in September thanks to a coupon that arrived in the mail. (it was just in one of those coupon magazines that arrive unsolicited)

I know that doesn't help now, but try to be on the look out next September!

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