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New Runners Group

If you are a regular reader, you probably know that there are many runners in the urbanMamas community. This includes two Run Mama Run Teams for Hood to Coast and a Yahoo running group. These are experienced runners – doing 8-10 miles on the weekends.

I, at 41, started running again in the fall after a multi-year hiatus. I am not up for 10 miles just yet, maybe never? But, as a goal oriented person, I decided to target the Shamrock Run 5K (http://www.shamrockrunportland.com) on March 14, 2010 as my first running goal.

Any new (or hope to be new) runners want to join me?

There are lots of resources out there to help get started and that provide support. I have been using http://running.about.com/ and the Running for Beginners (http://running.about.com/od/runningforbeginners/Running_for_Beginners.htm) and the Guide to 30 Minute Running habit (http://running.about.com/c/ec/10.htm). These then lead to training for a 5k, 10k, ½ marathon, etc. My husband used the NikePlus program (http://nikerunning.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikeplus/en_US/plus/). Email me at:  umamarunners@gmail.comAs a group we can decide if we want to meet/train/run in person,  email each other, have a group list, meet at the Shamrock Run, or all of the above. Happy running.


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I'm interested. My goal has always been to reach 10 miles. I've hit several speed bumps along the way, pregnancy, sleep deprivation, not enough time in the day, but, now I'm up to four miles again and hoping to continue building mileage.

I've been wanting to run in a race for along time - I eventually hope for a marathon. About a year ago I was running 25 miles every week total, but now I am back to 2.5 miles every other day. I'm okay with that. :) I may sign up for that Shamrock 5K. Sounds like fun!

Ok, I am bit more of a beginner but I would be interested. I think I am more along the lines of "maybe never" as far as a 10 mile run goes but I would be up for setting a 5K goal...

I'd be interested too. I'm up to four miles now, but would love to have some other mamas to run with.

I just started running again as well. I am up to 3 or 4 miles a few times a week. I am hoping that signing up for a race will encourage me to stick with it. I think that the Shamrock run offers an 8k race as well. The group sounds like a fun idea.

Interested but classify me as a true beginner - haven't run seriously since high school. Can anyone recommend a good place to get fitted for running shoes? I have issues with my arches.

Pace Setters rocks and for frequent shoppers they send out coupons! I just got 20% off my new running shoes, gotta love a discount. They are also a fountain of information anytime I have questions.

Road Runner Sports next to the Best Buy at the Tualatin / I-5 exit is a good choice as well as Pacce Setters, Portland Running Company and Fit Right Northwest. I think they all put you on a treadmill fitted with a camera and let you try several so you get a pair that works for you.

I'm interested too. I started up again not to long ago and have been doing 3-4 miles at a time. I'd love to have more variety in my running routes and some folks to run with and maybe even train for some longer distances.

I am interested, but have never made it past the three mile mark in the past. I run intervals on the treadmill when I do run...but my pace is 4.0 for 1 min to 5.0 for one min. (ramp up to 6.0 but stay at 4.0). I can do this for two miles, but I can't run two miles straight right now. I'm a bit overweight right now and really need to get back in shape.

Yeah! Lots of interested mamas. Will organize a list and send an email over the long weekend. Keep the interest coming. Will continue to add people as they are interested. Note to some of the above. I have yet to run outside; have only used the treadmill and not yet to two miles running. Have done two miles - walk 5 minutes, run 25-30 minutes walk 5-10 minutes. Looking forward to meeting and running!

hey there - i am interested too. need something to focus on for me...
thanks for organizing.

Count me in, I have been back to a slow jog 20-30 minutes 5-6 days a week. I am looking forward to doing a 10 k this summer and would be interested in some longer jogs on the weekend.

I ran my first marathon last year--in 5:40. My goal is to make it in under 5 hours this year. I am a working mama--looking for another mama or two that could commit to running during the lunch hour.

I am also very interested. I haven't run for a while. I have a limited availability because I run an in home daycare. However, I REALLY need to get some exercise in with some like minded people for motivation.

Hopefully, with a combination of interested people that live nearby (maybe early morning runs) and some email correspondence to help keep each other motivated would be great. I'm up for the shamrock.

I'm interested too, also a beginner level. Every few months I get motivated but I haven't stuck with running long enough to get to where I love it. My husband and I have already set the Shamrock run as our 1st running goal, but I'd love to run with other moms too!

i'm interested also - haven't run in about 6 years so I guess that ranks me as beginner. Would like to get up to 5k for the Shamrock run.

I would be interested as well. Signed up for a half-marathon in the Spring that I need to start training for! I have only been getting out once a week, when I'm lucky... so likely to classify as a beginner too!

I'm interested too. I've been running for awhile but finding time is always a challenge with a little one. It would be great to meet other runners in the area who are dedicated even when the weather is poor outside. My weekly long runs are in the 8-13 mi. range.

Hi - I'm interested too but would fall under the "beginner" category. It's been awhile. Please add me to the list!

Please add me to the list! I could use some extra motivation and would love to join a running group. I ran the Portland marathon in 2007 and Hood to Coast this past year. After dealing with on and off again colds since October, I need to get back to where I was in August.

Yes, add me to the list too! Thanks.

I'm interested, too! My resolution this year is to increase our activity level and this sounds like a great group of mamas. :-)

I haven't run in forever but would love to get back into it and meet some new people. I'm still recovering from a c-section with #2 but am hoping to get back to exercising soon...so please add me to the list as well.

I'd like to join in. I run 2.5 miles usually and could use a goal and running buddies. I'm in NE Portland.

Do you want us to email you or respond here? I am definitely interested!

I'm interested. While an experienced runner, I've been sidelined in 2009 due to pregnancy then delivery/recovery. I'm starting anew in 2010.

For all the "haven't run in a million years" mamas out there, or at least haven't run since having babies, I suggest a few trial runs before meeting with a group, just in case your bladder can't handle the running post baby. Speaking from experience...

I'm in! Please add me to the e-mail list, and we can hopefully find groups in our areas, I live in Cedar Hills. I also have a new baby, so I am interested in some stroller jogs as well as some baby free training jogs, when I am all healed.

Add me to the list! I can do about 3 miles now, and would love to maybe get in some early morning runs. Count me in!

New Runners - I just sent an email to all of you. If you commented or emailed, but did not receive an email – please email me at umamarunners@gmail.com. I will make sure you are on the list and get the email.

I'm a beginner as well and would highly recommend Pace Setter either at their downtown location or in Lake Oswego. They are excellent at fitting for running shoes.

I would love to run with some other mamas. I'm up to about a 30 min run now and looking to increase this. Please add me to the list.

I haven't run in a long time (since 1st DD was born, in 2002 -- and I did the Danskin All Women Triathalon -- in Seattle. Very, very fun!) This year it's August 14/15 in Seattle, see webpage here:

danskintriathlon dot net

The running was definitely my least favorite part, but I'd love to start getting some regular exercise with other mamas. I live in Concordia and would love to meet for early morning runs (beginner level!) or possibly after 6:30pm...

Me too! I keep starting and stopping. I don't get much past 2 miles in my "start" periods. I'm in NE near kennedy school. Early mornings are good!

Yet another! Look at all these awesome moms!!!
I would probably classify myself as an mid-intermediate but SLOW runner.
Planning on Race for the Roses 1/2 marathon and I haven't missed a Shamrock run-even 8 months pregnant! (It wasn't much of a run!)
NE Portland

Hi! Add me to the list. I am going to start training for the Helvetia half-marathon, but I am still a newbie long distance runner, with a 10K being the longest I've ever gone. I'd love some motivation and fun outdoor runs and maybe we can push each other!

I'd beg NEW runners, or even those quite experienced whom have never worked with a running coach, to invest in a little instruction in Pose or Chi Running method (or any other method for that matter) prior to getting back on the road. We get SO SO SO SO MANY folks coming to our little gym with running injuries! A QUALITY COACH AND SOME QUICK LESSONS CAN DO A WORLD OF GOOD [IN TERMS OF ATTAINING GOOD FORM AND WITH INJURY PREVENTION]!

FYI I super-duper support your endeavors:)

Count me in as well. I am a new runner and would love the challenge of a 5K to work towards. i live downtown and work full time, so am hoping that some runners would be interested in evening/weekend runs.

I'm signing up immediately for Shamrock. I'm on one of the mamas Hood to Coast teams, but besides being the slowest mama on the team I also just was in a major car crash and my injuries kept me from running for a month. I can run only about 5 minutes at a time right now because of pain and stress on the injury.

In other words, even though I've run long distances and will again this summer, right now I'm virtually a beginner. Shamrock here I come.

I second Lara's encouragement about getting a running coach. Alice who does ChiRunning has short group intro sessions, and I had two private sessions with her that completely changed my running to...running...and not bouncing up and down while slowly inching forward. :)

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