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12.16.2009 - urbanMamas coffee playdate & Sydney's closing

Is it true that all good things must come to an end?  We recall one particularly robust urbanMamas coffee playdate at Sydney's that must have brought together 30 or 40 mamas, papas, and little ones to meet, have coffee, and play.  Sydney's has been a home, gathering place, play space, and work area to many of us for over three years now, but the time has come for them to shut their doors due to the loss of their lease.  Their last day open will be December 18, 2009.

UM coffee playdate sydneys 
Let's gather one last time to show some love at Sydney's, shall we?  It is bound to be busy on their last day Friday, so let's do a mid-week get together, which I can finagle right now while I'm on maternity leave.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
uM coffee playdate
Sydney's Cafe
NW 15th and NW Thurman
9-11:30 AM


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Wow. That is a shame. This and the recent loss of the Airplay Cafe are both surprises.

Small business life is never easy and the downturn is definitely taking a toll on a lot of family owned businesses.

Portland has always done a good job of supporting its local independent businesses. It should be clear, however, that these businesses need that love more than ever these days.

All the best to the Sydney's folks. Thanks for all your hard work.

I'll be there with the littles. such a gorgeous space and such memories...

I hope they're able to find a new location soon.

Oh no! One of my favorite places for lunch and to take my son. Nice people, great food, pretty space. That's really too bad.

This is so sad! I have so many wonderful memories of getting together at Sydney's. I won't be able to make it as I will be working. Have fun everyone.

What sad news! My hang out down the street. I love the community and the ambiance. All the best to the folks at Sydney's we will miss you!

Sydney's is a true "living room" and gathering space for families at Childpeace Montessori School, directly across the street. Parents gather there, oftentimes work there on their laptops, have meetings there for work or related to school, and we take our children there after school to play. Children watch the trains go by, run on the boardwalk around the building, and parents can watch children on the Childpeace playground adjacent to Sydney's. It has made this site a real neighborhood for us, and we will very sorely miss it.

I am so bummed! I can't help wondering what is up with the lease? Why did they lose it? Is there anything the community can do about it? This is hands down my favorite cafe in Portland. They have the best espresso drinks and they offer all the alternative ingredients (gluten-free, dairy-free, hemp milk) that my family needs. Wah!

If anyone is looking for a neat, similar atmosphere- Kangaroo Coffee Shop in Sellwood (7901 SE 13th) is awesome. Not exactly downtown, but is a great place for meet-ups with kids.

what??? how I thought they where doing ok...Lost the lease? that doesnt sound right any landord is jumping through hoops to keep business!- we can have urban mama gatherings at wevillage contact me at karen@wevillage.com

they were doing fine. the company that leases the building will not renew their lease.
what a loss to the community: a great gathering place, yummy coffee & food.
boo to the landlord.

I would not blame the landlord, seems there were some issues with the rent.

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