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2010 Working Mama Lunch

Start 2010 right with a working mama lunch.

Thursday, January 28th
212 SW Stark Street (@2nd), Pdx

RSVP in the comments by Tuesday, January 26 and I’ll make the reservation.


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I'll be there and make the reservations.

On my calendar! Thanks for setting this up, Courtney. Looking forward to it!

Yum! Please count me in. Thanks, Courtney.

Please count me in too, as a first timer. Thanks!

I'll be there! Thanks for organizing again, Courtney!

It's on my calendar, too! Count me in!

This sounds interesting - could you tell me a little more about it?

Elizabeth ~

We have been getting together about every other month. Just to eat and talk and connect with other working moms. Mainly downtown folks. New people every time. Usually 8-12 people. Let me know if you have other questions.

I'd love to check this out - I'm a first timer too. I'm not quite a mom yet, due Feb 22, but plenty of work! I'd love to connect with other working moms.

I'd love to go!

I'm in. Thanks for organizing Courtney!

I'm in!

I'm in too (as a first timer). I work only a couple blocks from Mothers!

I'm in - first timer too!!!
Thanks for organizing.

Count me in! I've missed the last couple, so I am very excited to actually be in town for this one. Thank you!

I'm so glad to see this and am looking forward to meeting everyone - I'm a first timer too!

I am new to Portland and am looking forward to meeting everyone -- thank you for organizing this event!

Please count me in!

I'd like to attend. Thanks.

I'll be there. Thanks for organizing.

I'm in!

I would love to attend? Are any others also working mamas with stay home dads?

Angela - At one a couple months ago there was a mama with a stay at home dad and I think I saw her name here as a yes. See you next week.

Another first timer would like to join in!

Courtney, so sad but I had to reschedule a meeting and the best day for the rest of the group was Thursday over lunch. Hoping to make it to the next one. Nancy

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