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HELP for Marysville School

Last Tuesday, Marysville School in SE Portland was heavily damaged by a three-alarm fire.  It is so amazing that all 460 students and 17 teachers of the K-8 school were quickly accounted for soon after the evacuation.  In the past couple of days, PPS has been hurrying to ready another school, Rose City Park Elementary, to accept the relocated Marysville students starting on Monday.

How can we help this community in need?  Schoolhouse Supplies is partnering with Portland Public Schools to provide help:

  • Host a supply drive at your location.  Print a poster here.
  • Donate supplies at Schoolhouse Supplies' location.  Marysville's wish list is rather basic and it includes: paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, erasers, glue sticks, scissors.
  • Volunteer at Rose City Park Elementary on Saturday from 8am to noon to help prepare the school for Monday.  Help is needed to clean, move furniture and get the school ready for kids!  Sign up here.
  • Donate coats, jackets, sweaters, backpacks, lunch bags/boxes, art supplies, library books, boxes of tissues, construction paper and photocopy paper.  The drop off point is Marshall High School at 3905 SE 91st Ave, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m Monday through Friday.  This donation drop off is being sponsored by The Oregon PTA and Portland Council PTA.


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This is great information! Thank you!

I have a question for parents related to this. How have you told your kids about this fire? My oldest is especially prone to anxiety and as a new Kindergartner we don't need to add to her worries about school. I'd like to include her in the drive for supplies but I haven't found words that will explain the situation without worrying her.

Our son is in pre-K. We talked about how good all the kids did with following directions and dealing with the fire. More fire safety talk than "school caught on fire" talk. I am really impressed how well everyone did and how PPS and MCL and PF etc did together.

With our girls (2nd and 4th grades), we emphasized the importance of being prepared and taking fire drills seriously. They also reminded ME to keep my phone close by in case the school ever needs to get in touch with us parents.

On a different note, many of the Marysville families are non-native English speakers (I ran a family language school there for a few years), and I am doubly impressed at the level of communication between the school in a time of crisis and these families, as well as PPS's response.

We received an email from my our elementary school regarding Marysville that stated, "On Tuesday afternoon, when the news came out that Marysville was on fire, every parent and teacher in our community was stunned at the tragedy for this community and so grateful that all students and staff were safe. I immediately started getting emails from parents, asking how Ainsworth could help this school. I was updated yesterday at a district meeting with the news that the Portland community has stepped in to help Marysville in a huge way. The amount of donations from businesses and individuals has been overwhelming. The staff has received so much support, in volunteer workers and materials, they don't quite know how to sort it all out. So, PPS has asked all the schools to hold off until Marysville has determined their needs. It might be 1 or 2 months down the road, but we have it in our plans and I will keep you informed when Marysville looks to us for help.” I wonder if anyone else has received similar news… is Marysville asking all donations to be put on hold? Has anyone else heard that donations have been, “overwhelming?” We’d love to donate, but want to only if it is needed… thanks for your comments!

I got this email today from Portland Council PTA:

We wish to thank everyone's generosity. There has been such a huge show of support for Marysville that we no longer need donations of books or school supplies. At this time, it seems that we have met the needs for jackets, backpacks and school supplies.

We will continue to accept monetary donations for Marysville School in order to support any other needs that may arise.

Portland Council PTA welcomes the students to Marysville @ Rose City Park.

Monetary Donations:
Monetary donations can be sent to:
Portland Council PTA
2246 SE 90th Ave.
Portland, OR 97216

Please write Marysville in the memo line of the check.

In the event that current clothing donations can not be used at Marysville, the clothing will be donated to Portland Council PTA Clothing Center, located inside of Marshall Campus. The Clothing Center provides new and gently used clothing to the students in need that attend Portland Public Schools.

Again, I thank all of you for your kindness and generosity in this time of need. It warms my heart to know that Portland cares about children!


Beryl Morrison
Portland Council PTA

A great thanks to all who came forward to support Marysville School!

It is now Schoolhouse Supplies hope to continue this momentum to meet the need of all of our students – please remember that there are more than 46,000 Portland Public Schools students and 3,000 teachers who depend on Schoolhouse Supplies – The Free Store for Teachers. www.schoolhousesupplies.org

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