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Back to school W(h)ine night!

*** This event has been rescheduled***

Whinenight_sg Call in the spouses and the babysitters, mama needs a night out!  We're getting in the groove of waking up on time, packing lunches, and doing homework.  Now let's all come together and W(h)ine about it a bit, shall we?  Please RSVP in the comments so we can tell our lovely hosts how many mamas to expect!  See you there!!!  (photo by Sarah Gilbert)

Date:  Wednesday, November 4th
Time:  7:30 PM
Location:  Alu Wine Bar, 2831 NE MLK Jr Blvd


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I can't make it but wanted to comment that I think this wine bar is closed, might want to check!

Thanks TJ - they are closed Tuesday nights... our reservation has been made :-)

I'm a definite maybe. Sounds fun and I've always wanted to check out Alu.

Count me in. Mama needs a night out.

I'm in, the date is perfect for me!

I recently found this site and look forward to meeting other "urbanMamas". What a wonderful idea, a way for woman to share their wisdom, network and care for one self. Thanks

dang! I would love to w(h)ine but have a PTSA meeting....please have another one soon!!

My husband just told me I should go out tonight (wow) but he's not working tomorrow night either so I will plan on being there. Sadly, no wine for me (pregnant) but I can certainly partake in the "whine." Looking forward to it.

By the way, I live in inner SE and will be driving - anyone interested in carpooling? I can take two people. You can e-mail me at kateclemens at msn dot com.

Is this event still happening or has it been rescheduled? If it is, I'd love to come also.

Hi all, the event is definitely still on! It was originally scheduled Mid-October but no one was available. We would love to see you there :-)

I think I will be able to make it for a little while; it'll be a nice break from the new babe. Will probably be closer to 8 when I get there See you!

Gonna do my best! Hopefully I'll see you there!

I love, love, love that wine bar! It used to be a German-themed wine bar (weird), but it closed and re-opened a few months ago with new owners, menu, wine. It's so cozy and beautiful! I don't think I'll be able to make it this time, but thanks for coordinating such a fun event!

Oops...I just realized this was last night. Was it a success?

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