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Seeking recommendations for ADHD support

We know how important it is to get feedback on programs that are unfamiliar to us.  To that end, an urbanMama recently emailed:

I have a 5-year-old son with ADHD and am looking at ways to provide him support outside of the services he is receiving in kindergarten.  I am potentially interested in the Children’s Program, but they charge $175 for an initial consultation and I’m nervous about paying that much without having any other feedback on their programs or services.  If anyone out there has used them for any groups or classes or workshops and can share their thoughts (good, bad or other), I would really appreciate it!  The information and group descriptions look promising, but I would feel so much better about moving forward if I hear from some of you.   I would also be interested in hearing about any other places that provide similar services.  Thank you!


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We have a son who can be challenging - not specifically ADHD, but we've worked with Paige Beard and had a great experience.

She works with lots of kids & offers a support group - and takes insurance: http://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/66042.html

I know alot of people who are very happy with the Children's Program.

I am a therapist who has worked with children for about 10 years. I have heard good things about the Children's Program but I do think it can depend on which provider you see. Does your insurance cover it? And, are you looking for a psychiatrist for meds or a therapist to help your son and the family? There are other providers but you want to be sure you see someone who has experience with young kids.

I'm not familiar with the Children's Program. We were successful in addressing ADHD behaviors in our five year old by eliminating gluten, casein and sugar from his diet. Our naturopathic pediatrician thinks that majority of ADHD is probably food related. Might be worth a try.

We're at the Children's Program right now for family counseling with our son who has some tough behavioral and social issues. I can't speak for their ADHD programs but I'm very impressed so far. We see Jeff Sosne who is extremely pragmatic and has already offered many, many excellent suggestions that WORK! Often the clinicians will work together and consult/observe to provide the best couseling possible. They take Providence Insurance, which is one reason we're there.

I am a therapist working at Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children, and would recommend services there. There's an E. side and W. side location. We have excellent rehab staff, as well as nutrition and Developmental Pediatricians. This would be a great option for you if you have insurance (including state-funded), and we see many children with ADHD for eval, therapy and follow-up services. Good luck!

I am a Parent Coach and I specialize in medication free treatments for ADD/ADHD along with parent education.

I teach parents and children ADD/ADHD is not a disease, but a different way the brain received, interprets and processes information. There are a lot of easy to implement techniques to make life with an ADD/ADHD child easier on all.

I've developed a relationship with Help ADD located in West Linn. They help children with ADD/ADHD train their brains to work with the ADD/ADHD, which will help eliminate many symptoms and create success in school. I am really impressed with their ideas and techniques. Best of all, they are affordable. I recommend looking at their program. Their web address is www.helpadd.com

If you as a parent need individual help, please feel free to give me a call, the initial conversation is always free.

Working with an ADD/ADHD child is not only challenging, but also so wonderfully exciting, because they think of the most imaginative things.

Best of luck to you.

Rebecca Magby
Parent Coach
Everything Baby, LLC

I was diagnosed with ADD as a teen at The Children's Program and had a great experience there. Since then, my therapist went into private practice and he is the BEST: Tom Moran, I think he is at The Water Tower. I recommend both the Children's Program or Tom.

I am in the process of researching resources for my 5 yr old with possible adhd as well. I have done a lot of preliminary stuff, i.e., visiting with drs, naturapaths, researching diet changes, visiting with a psychologist a number of times, etc..I would love to connect with the original poster to this thread? Is that even possible? It would be great to have the support.

I am a 48 year adult and would like to find a support group in which Adults with Add are able to communicate with parents of children and where those with can exchange information. Being diagnosed when I was 40 years old has opened my eyes but also made life a littlemore complicated. How much is ADD a diet problem, learning problem, etc. I know that the biggest hurdle is the self esteem problem which I have had to deal with for so many years! I ofetn have asked myself if I ma crazy stupid or lazy! Now on Straterra and Adderall I do no the drugs are for short time. I am getting more and more problems with anxiety, depression, sucidal thoughts etc. These are all side effects of the drugs and knowing this on top of my love for my son enables me to ride that fine line. We really need a support group in the Portland area to help thise like me to deal with these problems and the questions along eliminating gluten, casein and sugar. I dont feel there is one answer but a mixture of answers especially since we are all different. The most important is learning from others and meeting others that have had the sme problem so that we realizize that we arent all alone. Today I am nervous of trying something new like the diets. It is like changing medicine. The trial of finding the right fit just messes you up mentally and physically.

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