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PPS' first NO-SCHOOL day: 10.09.2009

Hello mamas & papas!  It looks like we have our first PPS No-School day (Staff Inservice) on Friday.  So, what do you do if it's a no-school day?  Perhaps you have one parent home that is able to stay home with the kids?  Perhaps you have a flex work schedule/workplace that allows for some work-at-home or bringing child-to-work time?  Perhaps you trade care with neighbors or friends?  Or perhaps you enroll your child at a school-sponsored after-care program?  Or even some other all-day program at a Portland Park & Rec community center or another establishment?  Do you have suggestions or recommendations for what our kids can do on Friday?

For ideas from last year, check out "When school's out, where are your kids?"
For the full PPS calendar (English, quarterly) for 2009-2010, click here.


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Lucky for me working 24 hours a week, Fridays are currently my day off so that helps. I will no doubt need to do a little work which I can do on my home computer but otherwise we'll be home cleaning up our play room and turning it into a room for a temporary guest. Curious what others will be doing.

In years past, my husband and I used to call in sick on no-school days or share work-at-home time. This year, I happen to be on maternity leave, so I will use the day to allow ourselves to catch up sleep and perhaps schedule some playdates for my older two.

When I can't take a day off work I hire my own nanny service, Care Givers Placement Agency, and have a nanny come for the day. I reserved a day membership for The Children's Museum at my local WA Library branch and the nanny is going to take my daughter to CM2 on Friday.

For longer breaks, like winter and spring, I use camps. This year I'm doing a christmastime camp at the Garden Home Rec Center. Last year I did Zoo Camp during spring break and I'll probably do that again this year.

Occasionally I take a day off work and that is really fun!

Our daycare follows PPS so will be closed as well. I don't work Fridays, so it works for me. With some other daycare and PPS mamas I have set up a playdate at a local park. If a different day than Friday, my mom helps out or I just take a day off for an extra "at home day" with the kiddo.

As licensed elementary teachers and owners of our own Martial Arts School, Kung Fu Outreach offers QUALITY Movement Arts Camps for kids ages 6-13 on PPS Down Days! There are currently two openings left for this Friday:


It's not just PPS, it's a state-wide inservice day. All districts aren't having school on Friday.

At least in Beaverton it's not an "inservice day", it's a furlough day - designed to save money for the district. Teachers are not paid for the day.

It is statewide inservice, meaning there are continuing education opportunities for teachers, but this year many districts are not paying teachers for the day. They can "choose" to take the day off or to get required training.

Back in the spring my boss told me that I was one of several people who would have to do a three-month rotation working Sundays. Time to make lemonade: I volunteered for the fall rotation, since my oldest would be in PPS by then. I get a comp day for every Sunday I work and that's how we are covering in-service days. And on Sundays I don't have to start until noon, so I still get mornings with the family.

I work an evenings/weekends schedule, so I look forward to these days as a little extra time with the kiddos.

How about all day long crafting to fill the gap?

My husband and I are each working a half day, with a buffer in the middle with cooking class from 11-1 at The Merry Kitchen (http://themerrykitchen.com/).

Funny reading the Kung Fu Outreach post, because that's where I send my kids. I am at home but keeping a consistent schedule with a full day activity is important for my kids, so I have them go to the kung fu camp. They already take lessons there and the program is excellent.

We have a 3-year-old in a half-day preschool, so we ask our nanny to put in a full day. More money out of pocket, but she's happy to have it hers -- and it keeps things consistent for the kiddo. Honestly, not having to force her out of her pajamas or worry about packing a lunch is totally worth the extra dollars. It felt like a morning vacation, almost. (-;

And of course ... I meant not having to force the kiddo out of her pajamas. Not the nanny. She totally had to get out of her pajamas earlier because of the no-school. God love her.

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