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reminder - WorkingMama Lunch: Thursday, September 10

Even though the restaurant did not get the best review in the Willamette Week (http://wweek.com/editorial/3542/12981/), I am still looking forward to lunching with the working mamas on Thursday, September 10th at The Original (http://www.originaldinerant.com/) located at
300 SW 6th Avenue @ Oak. Reservation at 12:30 under Courtney/urbanMamas.

See you there.


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We've eaten at the Original a few times and had great food and good service. Good choice for breakfast downtown with kids too (opens early, offers crayons for kids, etc.)
Maybe Portland is just annoyed at the whole "dinerant" concept 'cause I'm not sure why it's getting all this bad press!

Good to hear.

A work meeting came up at the last minute - I apologize for cancelling 3 of us (Jen, Karen & Allison) at the last minute. Have a great time and we'll catch you all at the next one!

Is it too late to plan to attend today's lunch (especially in light of the above cancellations)? I've never come to a Workingmama lunch but would love to check it out...

I can't make it to today's lunch but would love to come to the next one. I hope there is one soon. Have fun, Jenine

Thanks Courtney for organizing a great lunch! It was fun meeting everyone today. And, I look forward to the next one.

Food was good, company was wonderful and thank you, Courtney, for organizing! It's always a great mix of familiar and new faces... can't wait 'til the next one in November.

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