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President Obama's welcome to kids @ 9 AM today

If you miss it live - or your child doesn't give you the full report out (natch) - you can read the much-anticipated transcript here. Thoughts??

If you're a Facebook fan of PPS, you may have seen its status update yesterday saying:

President to students: Work hard and take responsibility. That’s a message we can get behind – and our principals and teachers can decide whether the broadcast speech fits their plans for the first day of school Tuesday.

How did you feel about all the hoopla  - warranted?  Silly? Think your district handled it right??  PPS' approach worked for me. 


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Has it happened yet? It looks like we can stream it live at 9am PDT/noon EDT here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/live/

One of my two school-aged children doesn't start school until tomorrow, so she can watch it with me in a bit.

Olivia, It's streaming live here now! So cool.

Thanks so much for posting this!

I think it's great, and I really wish my kids could have watched it this morning. Unfortunately, it was the first day of school and the speech was scheduled to air at the exact same time school started. The kids are nervous and excited enough as it is today, what with the new routines and teachers. It was too much all at once. Maybe I'll read them the speech tonight before dinner. Or just watch it after dinner.

I watched it from my desk and could hear the sounds echoing from the elementary classrooms where I work. Each class had it playing on a laptop, so they listened more than watched.

I just have to say, what an amazing speech! Loved the broad and specific messages. So many kids don't get those from their parents unfortunately. He felt very fatherly today. Loved the message, "even if you don't like a subject or your teacher, that's no excuse to not learn." Also, "wash your hands and stay home when you're sick."

I loved it! If my kids didn't see it at school, I'll have them watch it later. Thanks for posting the link.

We watched it together yesterday evening when we got home from the playground - what a perfect way to start off the school year. He said it all so well. I love that he's talking straight to kids. Have past Presidents done similar things?

Did your school show it? Ours did not. Bummed but planning on showing kiddos today after school.

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