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Activistas are talking about...

ActA Badge 2 Must be the back-to-school mood, or something, because Activistas is picking up, covering topics from green schools to health care reform and back.  Some recent ones you might find interesting - including a garage sale report out:

  • 28 green moms talk about green schools.   I follow green mom bloggers for work.  So when they banded together to create the Green Moms Carnival, I was pretty happy.  Every month they pick a topic, all write about it, and (best of all) post it in one place.  There's little I love more than convenience, so this pleases me greatly.
  • CA moms are just saying no to BPA.  Yes, there are BPA-free baby bottles.  No, they’re not cheap or available in every neighborhood.  And you’re right, your ‘to-do’ list should not include getting a degree in toxicology, deciphering cryptic labels, or spending hours (that you likely don’t have) researching and hunting down the safest products.
  • Garage sale update: $1,500 ain't all bad.  We did it!  We collected, we sorted, we priced, we schlepped, we sold, we donated. And, importantly, we earned!  $1,500 total - $150 of which we gave to Cafe au Play, which generously shared their high-traffic location with us on sale day. 
  • Sick and wrong.  I recently read an article in Rolling Stone Magazine (of all places) that gives a pretty good summary of health care reform and the mess we're now in.  Here's how it starts...and trust me, you want to keep reading:
  • Tell the city: We need a loo @ Jameson Square: At first glance, adding a toilet to a public park might not seem like a news-worthy topic.  But if you've ever tried to play at Jamison Square with your kids and they needed to use the bathroom, you know that it's a problem.  No public bathrooms means parents have to buy something at a local business to use their facilities or worse, kids are using trees, neighboring condo's yards, etc. as outdoor toilets.

And, of course, a whole lot more.  Check it out.


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